Ok something amazing happened!

Ok these past days I had pretty weird dreams. It started off by a wraith attack which I couldnt exorcise or send it off. Anyway Yesterday I was sleeping nd in my dream I saw an inverted pentagram with the incantation of “Itz rachu…”. I touched the pentagram in flames and immedeately I felt that my soul was traveling, like forcefully come out. I ended up in a room with various tools of the art and books. There I saw a person and to my surprise it was E.A!!! I told him I had difficulty in some parts on performing some magic tasks and he told me to pick up a book.

He told me to just gaze in it like scrying. At first nothing happened but then suddenly the pages was on fire and I could see a lot of information passing by like passing tablet screens. It was verry strong and I felt so much energy surging in. I just wanted to report my experience which seems that from now on I have to work on the dream world and astral realm.