Ok so there's something I have to get off my chest

No offense, but preferably someone who could verify or reject my thoughts.

So I was just meditating and thinking over some things I’ve read up on about Obama, media coverage being like a stage magicians trick, diverting the eyes while something you shouldn’t see happens so there’s bigger, more controversial shit for the media to make the people go crazy over the free Masonic order, and what I’m beginning to realize may indeed be a prophecy. I really don’t want to talk more on it while I can’t access things on tor, but if it interests you, or you’d like to be helpful and hear my crazy thought out please message me or comment.

Basically this upcoming election is the biggest distraction of all and every bullshit little thing is being used to warp where we look, all the shootings and everything else. And while I realize the majority of us here could probably give a damn less about what the mass media raves about. I know I don’t, I just hear EVERYTHING on Facebook. Don’t even watch news anymore. Don’t have to.

Anyway, Obama I believe, is it. We won’t make it to this controversial as fuck election. America will be in total war, ithat’s to say if the entire world isn’t.

The free Masonic order isn’t what I once thought it was, by doing a little search on it I uncovered a lot I didn’t even know about it. Don’t worry, not confirming illuminati over here lol, but I am saying something going on behind the scenes and I don’t like the looks of it and don’t want anyone to see I’ve figured it out, if I really have, that doesn’t need to see it.

I’m seeing something that I think we should all prepare for as the ones that have the insight and power to do so. And I should add that I picked these pieces up together almost as a “one second boom” as I was meditating on opening the gates (my own personal ones, anyway), attempting to speak with my sword, shirakawa, and asking paimon for a little guidance. I feel as though I was on edge of losing myself, so I really don’t know how much that would even have to do with it considering my subconscious could’ve just pulled information I already knew out my ass and construed it for me in the mind state of near sleep I was in.

Either way it’s scary to think about and doing your own research on what I have to do about this privately would most likely lead you to see the same pattern as I am, taking into account how coincidental things are playing out the way they are with the world, and how the pieces complete a puzzle I’ve been struggling with. I just need to be able to confirm it and am not yet at a level that I can commune with entities well enough to form an alliance on this, or divine on it, much less soul travel and watch it. It is scary to think about. But on the slight chance I’m right, we all need the heads up I feel like. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from as many as are interested even remotely, as even if it turns out to be imagination, it’s certainly something that will make you go “huh” so it would still be a good read as fiction(; lol!

Thanks for reading and I’m gonna love the responses I get to this absolute craziness I can hardly believe I need to spew.

I went through this phase a few years ago. Between 2011 and about 2014, there was this huge wave of conspiracy theories running around on YouTube. It wasn’t really relegated to “hole-in-the-wall” websites or chat rooms by this point. Before that, all I ever saw were videos about the Tree of Life and the Illuminati as some hidden occult agenda.

Well, being an occultists for several years, I had already learned of the most likely motives for practitioners- it depends on the person, of course. The most intense ritual I had read about in that time frame was when a few members of the original Golden Dawn getting together to do the ISIS ritual to empower women with equality to me. This was roughly around the time of post-Victorian Europe, you see, around 1910, so I guess people were upset by it. You can still hear some of the resentment in that from modern magicians today, post-sexual revolution and equal rights movements.

Now I’m not sure of the exact wording or phrasing of the rituals itself so I could never give anyone an accurate estimate of what magical forces were used or still are in force today. I don’t know if there was ever a “closing” ritual done. Closing in the sense of: one what condition would the spell’s effect end?

There’s also the whole eon (aeon) shift from Pisces to Aquarius, so that transition phase is a pain in the ass. Great for some, horrid for others. The “Western World” is more developed in some regards than others. I could go into a long, detailed speel about this from a Geopolitical standpoint but again, I’ll spare you.

Aside from that, there was also a “pole shift,” incredibly minor but still had it’s effects long term, over the course of 50 years or so, before things would synch up correctly. There’s also various occult groups still working on the transition to the the Aquarian Age who act as an advanced guard, so to speak. Usually in terms of promoting expressions of free will and the like. So technically, there is an occult agenda, if you will but it’s nothing different than other groups pushing their ideas out for future engagements and wants. That’s nothing new.

Yet, to call the President of the United States the Anti-Christ or similar is a falsehood. That’s more of a merger of conflicting theories. I’m not convinced he’s a lizard man from space… just sayin’. But that’s SOME of the things people say. Besides, the antichrist is suppose to be born somewhere in Chorozim/Khorasan- which those two are different places. One is noted as a town near Bethlehem that condemned Christ before his Crucifixion and it’s black basalt synagogue while the other is a rather large but ill-defined piece of land in four countries: Iran, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan (along with other post-Soviet bloc countries).

To be honest, it’s nothing really to fear. Most of the “Secret Chiefs,” as it were have better communications with those groups than anything else. Except when the group goes against their vows of secrecy, then that gets different ALONG with the identities of the the “Chiefs” but that’s touchy subject. But to add another controversial subject, the Illuminati is an actual group. That’s another one of those groups who claim lineage to the original one but may in fact be of dubious worth. Or some kind of boogeyman.

Still, I attribute the middle east events and worldwide revolts and upheavals with Paroan, a destroying angel. “He,” it seems, was flipping his shit a while ago during that time when music videos kept pumping out occult imagery. Turns out, people outside of the occult world knew who to raise and control their energies along with a positive attitude. Probably working in some magic funnel. That’s my guess, anyway. But that’s largely over and done with beyond the repercussions from those events.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.