Ok so last night I asked

I asked it was either azazel or Lilith, are the cabals spirits thout forms he or she said are lovecraft spirit thoughtforms

No their not thoughtforms

Please correct me if I’m wrong


I don’t understand what you mean?


Basically from my experience the lovecraft entities are not thoughtforms because it seems like the old ones are beings from the qilphatic

Mabe the cabal being are a pantheon that they discovered


If you split up the sentences or added some punctuation it would be clearer - the meaning in English sometimes depends on the sentence structure - especially for compound sentences - so it gets very ambiguous when you don’t use punctuation.

Do you mean Somnus Dreadwood’s Cabal? (Not the deep state Cabal)

And then do you mean:
You were in conversation with either Azazel or Lilith, but you’re not sure which.
You asked: “Are the Cabal’s spirits thought forms?”
They answered with a question: “Are the Lovecraftian spirits thoughtforms?”
You said: “No, they (the Lovecraftian spirits) are not thoughtforms.”

(Note - the contraction of “they are” is “they’re” - you just chop off the ‘y’ and smush the words together to make one word.)

Please correct me if I’m wrong

The implication I read into this is that if you, as the practitioner, think the Lovecraftian entities are thoughtforms, then yes the Cabal’s entities are also thoughtforms, and vice versa. You said “they’re not”, so, to you they’re not.

There are people here who think ALL entities are thoughtforms or sentient thoughtforms aka egregores, and people who think none are, and they all do magik just fine. It’s up to you, really.


Ok thank you

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