Ok here's the re-post of the simplest basics of 'The Language Of The Magic Of Th

*(I suggest, before reading, considering the most known paradoxes of the magic of 3. Instantly I think The holy Trinity. The father who begot the son first through the immaculate conception of the Holy Mother Mary and second through the through the miracle of the virgin Mary’s immaculate conception of the son who in turn was and is and always will be the Father the son and the holy ghost k. This is one most best starting point

K here’s the re-post :-

  • Please try just a little to believe that feeling I know you already have . Your feeling ( only ,not yet trusting, the sum of the parts of yourself, giving rise to the knowing of you and you all and the unknowable wonder of the all knowing, that ever so small sense of hope that is always within you ( and the now known magic of the the sum of the numbers making the magic 3 and of course, sensing the truth as we all do know/now that the sum of the parts is not only more than the parts themselves but so much much more infinitely more than both the parts themselves and the sum of the parts.
    Ok, ok I KNOW you don’t yet believe you can understand all these deepest of truths. I know you think I’ve gone insane from taking some crazy amounts of drugs, and definitely/maybe sleep deprivation, and definitely/maybe too much messing around with my subconscious during my natural occurring lucidity within and without dreams, and DEFINITELY from messing around carelessly and too much with all aspects of magic.
    Ok now I WILL, simply explain the simplest aspects of what I am saying k. The truth and the fact is simply that all you need do is make the tiniest, slightest and gentlest, not actually effort but simply letting your (and you’re) wanting, to turn to your desire, for your attention to ever so gently turn towards whatever aspect of a moment and of whatever aspect of you, you decide to desire, to bring forth the most best for this now/moment, from deep within you. It is simply knowing that you are the master who makes the grass green k :wink:
    I really hope and yet know,that at least some of you (which is another part of the in-betweens and the magic of the number “3”)are starting to sense, the all knowing (FUCK ME!!)and the trusting/belief of the whole of you(THE SOURCE OF ALL MAGIC K). For you and I and the all without/within, above/below/ and all around in each moment (THE MAGIC OF THE NUMBER 3) ONLY NEED TO BELIEVE IN OURSELVES AS EA( as EA believes in himself , which allows him now, to also believe, in each of everyone of us ,(and I can never express my unknowable/inexpressible gratitude to him for all he’s done for me. It’s all so so simple. I know it appears confusing if you read at normal speeds and don’t allow yourself , to simply (ONLY) truthfully (HONEST, CALM INTELLIGENCE)allow yourself , to naturally observe the letters and the sum of them and the unknowable nothingness(EVERYTHING AS ABOVE SO BELOW!!)
    STILL HERE YOU SEE(simple knowing)…
    Ok, ok ,now let me express the most deepest of truths(ALL DEEPEST TRUTHS YOU NEED TO KNOW, YOU ALREADY KNOW K :wink: ) AND THE WHY OF MY NOW ALL KNOWING ( simplest intelligence).
    Ok, if you’ve stuck with me this far, thank you(WHICH NOW, SO OBVIOUS TO ME, IS ALSO THE TOTALITY OF YOURSELF) and everything more/less also). You now know YOU ARE such brilliant, constant creativity. I am going to stop speaking in no- sense of 3 NOW. I am Being perfectly honest( THAT IS ONLY SAYING THAT I AM NO JUST SIMPLY LETTING MYSELF BE OK. i KNOW NOW THAT IT IS EVERY EXPERIENCE AROUND WHICH TEACHES US. THINK OF IT THIS WAY K, WHEN WE LEARN WITH OUR LOGIC, OR CREATIVITY WE are ASLEEP. NOW BECAUSE OF THIS, IT IS IN OUR CONSTANT STRIVING FOR PERFECTION, THAT WE ARE FAILING. WHEN WE ARE LEARNING IN PLAYFUL, FUN WAYS (such as enjoying our favorite forms of media.My personal favorite tools now, for learning are comedy and music. ) THAT WE ARE LEARNING WITH OUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND AND EACH OF THE PARTS OF OUR SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS ARE LEARNING SEPERATE FROM EACH OTHER AND AS WE NOW know, WE ARE FINALLY LEARNING WITH the sum of the FULL COMPLETENESS OF OURSELVES. we are now awake in this state of learning k!!
    No(which is simply and truly trusting yourself ok. I fucking swear on everything most dear to me K !! :wink: ) ok (!!)
    This is why THIS IS the only place( AND THE ONLY TIME AND THE PERFECT EVERYTHING), i can truly express myself (as the sum of me and ,the natural moreness of that, has being striving to (PATIENTLY) i.e.TOTAL CLARITY SIMPLY BECAUSE i am now(KNOWING) awake, that I feel the need, finally, to try my best to express the truths I can now see so clearly all around me ( AND NOW I WILL BE SPEAKING IN THE NO-SENSE OF 3 FOR A SMALL PARAGRAPH OF TIME )in only but the knowing of the all knowing and the all and the everything, in between and all about, and above and below and the within and without , in every aspect of ourselves and the now expressed for the first time in the no time of timelessness and the beautiful ,beautiful nothingness of the everything and the all and the in between, for you see, you do see now, though you(WHICH IS SIMPLY A PERFECT PART OF THE AND THE US AND THE SUM OF US) you are still ever so slightly to much of the innocence to trust your own all knowing of the awesome no-sense of the nothingness of the knowing of the beautifull PARADOX(please note this word k!! :wink: ) of the everything and the nothingness , and all the betweens. I will continue in the truly simple(PERFECTLY ORDINARY LANGUAGE K) in a second post .