Ok found out what audible is like

So last night I slept with azazel sigil under my pillow and as I fell asleep I heard I boom in my right ear I also felt it I heard some voices it sounded telepathic and outside


:thinking: for me it sound like the voice from behind my ear! When I sleep that is


That’s great!
I might try that, but I worry a lot if that might end up disrespecting them.

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The only time I’ve ever heard it as an outside voice was the other night and it was just a loud whisper that sounded like it was coming from the hallway saying “hey!” as I lit a cigarette (something I’ve been trying to quit doing but have only really cut back so far). I’m not really sure what that was all about yet.


Probably wanted a smoke too!

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I had something similar with Baron samedi sleeping with his veve under my pillow. I heard the dead that serve the LWA

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It’s like word inside our mind!

Hey I offered up one week of quitting to begin with, went nine days got derailed by home buying, I’m smoking them while I have them, then right back to the quit. Take it in small, bite sized, manageable chunks. No need for it to be a weird panic inducing thing and when it does become a weird panic inducing thing…breathe and remember its fine to have multiple try at quitting before you succeed (it’s weirder if you don’t). Patch everyday, gum when you need to light up, lozenges when you’re desperate. ALL CONTAIN NICOTINE. :wink: Then pray you don’t meet some jackbag. Hope it helps. Hang in there.