Ok ant'harratu, WHAT?

So I was normally gonna channel and send ant’harratu to an another practicer so I told him to visit him so he did
But ant’harratu is fucking interesting I don’t know why but I got my journal and starting writing shit
Here what I got

"I can teach the manipulation of reality both energy I am a nether in the house of raztael who demons rain down miracles to abyss from the highest heavens I am both demon and an alien I can make contact with these alien beings who are not hydrids of angels nor demons "

" you can call them serpentine beings or the “asha’shiruha” race "

" For becoming a better physic learn to trust your self alow your self to feel and focus "

I was like fucking wow!
I asked him for giving me a portal to these aliens he told me

" that’s an another talk for an another day "

Then he gave me this chant to call him
" itz za zakerur ant’harratu on mak la "

I aim impressesed as fuck,my mouth is on the floor
I aslo have so many things to study
Lucifer is teaching the stellar and celestial empire and realms
Azazel and Satan are teaching me the infernal empire
And ant’harratu is starting these alien stuff
So many things to study hell yeah


You’re amazing man! You’re fuck!

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Haha thanks man

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have you asked him for major changes in your life or just info?

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no he just told me these,like i said i was going to channel and send him into a other practioner

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dem!you really did it.

can you channel and send him to me.

Ant’haratu basically told you to prepare.

Just like i did towards the forum. :wink:

I’d prefer to discuss this more privately,
but since you’ve already posted it on the board…

Gaze this picture,


And pulll it into the astral plane.
gaze this picture,

And let them merge in front of you.

The combination of it,
will give you a good understanding,
for what Ant’haratu was speaking about.

Once you’ve activated that combined picture in front of you,
start chanting the mantra he gave you,
and observe,
what happens,
as the picture comes to life.

You’ll speak directly to an ambassador / Diplomat of their race.