Oils (magick type, of course)

I bought some oil (road opening, Solomon, a couple of others).

I ordered some from Uncle Birch at Sacred Grove but his have not come yet, so I think Covid has got him all shut down for awhile.
So I ordered some from Lucky Mojo, those did come.

I don’t know anything about oils. Do I take the magick oil and dilute it with Almond oil or Olive oil, or do I just use it straight out of the bottle.

Once I know that I may rub some on the sole of my feet. I will also dress a candle with some. Also, I created a servitor, I think he may need a little rubbed on his house.

Anyway, I don’t want to waste this by being stupid but I don’t want to dilute it down and ruin its potency.

YouTube is all over the place on this topic, they know less than I do and I don’t know shit.

Thank you to anyone who took time to read this and especially thanks if you decide to get me sorted out.

(I thought I better include my source for the oils, it might help you with knowing the potency and that sort of thing. I don’t market for either of those folks)

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As a magical oil maker myself and a trainer aromatherapist/herbalist, I can say that unless you are buying a pure Essential oil or fragrance oil, which would be labeled as such as they are already pre-diluted in a carrier oil of some type. The type may vary from brand to brand.

Most brands do not list the ingredients on the labels though some might have them on the websites. I’d double check the ingredients to see if there are any safety concerns. I’ve bought other things from lucky mojo and similar oils from local botanicas. I’ve never run into any issues with them.

Using the oil as is on candles or other objects is fine. I’d just do a test patch on your skin if you plan on using them that way as some magical oil infusions use various herbs, plant materials, essential oils, and fragrances. Some of which may or may not be good to use on the skin. I always err on the side of safety.


I second @BellaJennyfur advice, as I follow the same practice. The only two premade diluted oils I would not recommend putting on bare skin would be D.U.M.E. and STFU oil. The first is due to ingredients that are often used, and the second is to prevent hexing yourself.

As for how to use the ones you mentioned, I see no waste in doing any of what you suggested. Go to town (safely) and use them as the need presents itself.


And some smell bad if they have sulfur in them… unless you like the smell of rotting eggs. Those tend to be in banishing oils and black arts oils.


So the Lucky Mojo is diluted to be appropriate for average/regular skin. So I will do the patch test.
Do I slather it on, or just a drop or two.

And thanks C.Wilson and BellaJennyfur for the great advice.


Touche, I forgot some companies do add sulfur. I tend to make my own and don’t use sulfur personally. At least not in oils.


A few drops will suffice for a patch test. Wait 24 hours to check for reactions before using more liberally.

For use on skin, I’d be using it very sparingly even after the patch test.
Generally speaking they are for anointing objects (candles, poppets etc), rather than yourself. Having said that, there certainly are oils designed specifically for personal wear - as others have said.

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The only thing worse than sulfur is asafoetida.


Is Van Van what I want if I am interested in personal wear. I could definitely use a boost in my every day activities. Is Van Van kind of an all purpose enhancer?

Also, should I try and read the Scott Cunningham book on this stuff. Is he a solid practitioner?
He has a lot of books but so does Louis L’amour, that doesn’t make him a gun fighter.

sorry, you can disregard the Cunningham question, I would not want to publicly make a statement against someone I did not know, it was wrong for me to ask this of you, Unless he is good, than it would not bother me.

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Cunningham’s book are oKay, but some info is outdated since he’s been dead for 25 years. I have a ton of books on the subject so I can make some suggestions.

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Yes, I would appreciate any kind of suggestion. I am looking for some foundational type knowledge. I need to know enough to tell if something sounds right or wrong.

The thing that concerns me is that in todays marketplace all sorts of people who don’t know what they are doing are putting lables on things and calling it magick.

For instance, a Verbain smelling perfume is probably not real Van Van oil, to be magick shouldn’t it be prayed over, done at the appropriate astrological time, maybe some entities help, etc.
I don’t know what all goes into creating an oil but some people won’t care, they just want your money and they want to get it with the least amount of effort. So they will put a label on anything.

So I need to have enough knowledge to avoid this sort of thing.

I see a lot of this with online purchases, especially from FaceBook marketers, through online wallet systems at work. You would not believe the stuff marketers try to pass off as products, They show beautiful images online, have great sales literature, then they charge you 100 dollars for a piece of junk you can get at Walmart for 2 bucks.
(working in the consumer line may have jaded me)

But you can see why I need a foundation, both so it will work on my subconscious and so I don’t get ripped off.
I selected Lucky Mojo and Sacred Grove because of recommendations I read online, so I think they are the real thing. I had to wait longer to get it and it cost more because shipping is not included, but I think it works, these 2 merchants were recommended by someone I trust.


can u recommend some good books which has advanced knowledge regarding oils and herbs??

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Absolutely, I have dozens of them… I’ll make a list.

I prefer to either make my own oils or buy them from individual practitioners who sell them.

A lot of what is out there through larger occult retailers and shops is mass produced so I can’t really speak to their magical quality or how they are prepared. Though I do trust Original Botanica and Lucky Mojo more than some others.

When it comes to making magical oils, first you need the herbs and essential oils appropriate for the purpose. Depending on the tradition, these may or may not be made during particular moon cycles or planetary hours. A lot of the Hoodoo oils do not follow the planetary/lunar cycles when created.

Then it comes down to the energy of the practitioner creating them. Regardless of whether they do elaborate rituals, chant or imbue them with their magical intention, you are getting their energetic creations. I do different things from simple blessings to occasionally singing to them as I am making and packaging them.

In reality, as a small business owner and I’m not self promoting my brand since I think that goes against community standards, I can’t always create things during a particular moon cycle or things of that nature due to supply and demand. For me, I meld my technical training in herbalism, aromatherapy, and perfuming with my magical training and practice. I’m also very safety conscious since it is a pet peeve when ingredients aren’t listed because especially with essential oils there are a lot of safety concerns depending on the oil.

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If it’s pre-made you use strait out of the bottle. No need to dilute it. But if you want to make it stretch there is nothing wrong with adding it to more carrier oil.

I would make a separate batch of diliuted oil and keep the original oil potent. Maybe just pour a bit of your road-opening oil into another jar with the extra carrier oil. That way you can test out both oils to determine if the diluted one weakens your spell work. And if so you still have original full strength oil. I hope this makes sense…:slightly_smiling_face:

So I obviously didn’t fully/correctly read your post about applying it to your body. 🤦 Muh badski. Yeah so what everyone else said is very accurate.

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If sulfur is the smell of hell then Asafoetida must be the smell of, I dont Even Know What. Cause it is horrid!

Asafoetida is nicknamed the devil’s dung. It smells like sulphur and heavy garlic with some fecal undertones. It will banish everything, yourself included lol

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Nailed it…
And the award for the most accurate description of Asafoetidas’ stink goes to @BellaJennyfur

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Book Recommendations:

Wortcunning for Daemonolatry by S. Connolly
Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic by Amy Blackthorn
The Witching Herbs by Harold Roth
Besom Stang & Sword by Christopher Orapello & Tara Love-Macguire
Witchcraft Medicine by Claudia Muller-Eberling, Christian Ratsch, and Wolf-Dieter Storl
Herb and Root Magic by catherine yronwode
LLewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences by Sandra Kynes

If you want more esoteric historical and poison path recommendations anything by Thomas Hatsis and Daniel Schulke are great as well as Dale Pendell.


I just want to chime in with the skin part anything with Citrus in it can cause borne if put on and then exposed to sun. If you use citrus blends do it at night and give yourself 12 or so hours before going out in sunlight. Think of the burn people get with baby oil when sun bathing same thing but I have she it blister on people too.

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