Oils for increased sexual attraction

What oils would i need to boost my libido when wearing it?

Is there a specific oil that i have to enchant or is there just a combination/singular oil that i would apply?

Lavender is a good one.

Would i have to ‘enchant’ it in any way?

I guess I should know whether you are first going to aromatic lavender oil yourself or just buy it. You could enchant it after that to make it more potent if you wanted to, and it could be used in rituals and spells that would further have all of the power amplified. Really depends on your taste in things. There are many benefits to enchanting or consecrating the oil but it really depends on case by case basis.

Lavender is used in hoodoo to draw a male lover to you. I personally wouldn’t use this to raise your own libido, I would choose Damiana (taken as a tincture) as this is a proven aphrodisiac. Patchouli (if you like the smell) Jasmine and Ylang ylang are also good.
If it was me, I would choose a scent or oil which made me feel good and sexy and use that!
I love the smell of cardamon and vanilla so wearing those gets me in the mood :wink:


As @Amber stated, choose what you already like and makes you feel good. If you wish, enchant THAT. Scent is extremely powerful and has the ability to take us through time and arouse feelings like no other.

I wear the original Poison and it suits me perfectly. If I forget to wear it my entire day suffers because I haven’t stepped into myself without it. Between that, rose oil and Shea butter with lavender, nobody smells like me and it makes a statement. Find your signature and it becomes a hugely empowering piece of you.


If you’re looking to increase your libido take Damiana. As an elixir is best but the tablets work. Just remember to take more than the recommended dosages. For sexual attraction use the many pheromone aftershaves/perfumes available - some work better than others. Hope that helps.


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I make oils for attraction , a good combination would be damiania,red clover, cubeb berries