Oils and herb mixtures go bad?

I made some Hoodoo money drawing oil about 2 months ago. I made quite a bit, this was the only time i have attempted making any oil so I needed the practice.

I used extra virigin olive oil and added my herbs (I think I may even have a crystal in there).

How long will this stay good for. At some point the oil will go bad I would think, About how long until my oil goes bad? It is stored at room temperature in a sealed mason jar, if that matters.


What’s the exp on the Olive oil? Was it a cooking oil kind or a true carrier oil? Then only think I ever bought that could go bad was vegetable glycerin but I think that is only because it loses it’s thickness.

EOs have a pretty long like because the are distilled from the plants. So that’s why there is no expiration date on those bottle. I have yet to have a blend mold or go bad.

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Yea I was thinking if it were to mold it would be from the herbs but having it all sealed up on a mason it should last a real long time I’d assume. I have no life about the oil types I just prefer to use grapeseed oil if I were to use oil it’s suppost to be the best for you upon absobing in because of the ho vitamin E

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I have a few different carriers I use. Depending on the spell or the blend I need. I use EOs for everyday mundane life too. Like you said watch for mold but it could still be years before that happens. Think of those pepper and olive air works in oil. They last for a really really long time.

It was a high end cooking oil, but no, it was specifically a carrier oil.

Anyway, it sounds like it will last for a pretty long time. would there be any odor or other signs to let me know not to use it.

Also, I bought some road opener oil, when it arrives (who knows how long it will take with this Corona Virus thing) I thought I might use it to anoint my feet.
Does a person just take a drop and rub it on the soles of there feet, is that an anointing? Would it go on the left foot, because that is where energy enters the body or does it go on both feet because it is absorbed through the skin on the soles of the feet.
can you anoint your feet with more than one kind of oil. So could you use a road opening oil and a love oil or money oil. ( I assume you would not want to put a banishing type oil and a road opening type oil together)

thanks for the responses

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I’m just going with my guy here but I’d definitely put the oil on both of your feet I believe that the cleansing would probably be more effective if you had someone else apply the oil for you, I had my feet washed with just basic water once at a seventh day Adventist Church and wow it made me feel good, I did get lucky and had the pasture wash my feet. It’s a nice ride but about the energy going in on the left foot ty. I don’t know about useing multiple oils I think you would just want to wait a day before useing another oil but once again I’m less accustomed to useing oils then your are I have basically only used grapeseed oil for my third eye,

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If it were to mold it would be really obvious. And the smell would just be off.

The feet are the gate way to the rest of our body. I have a chart somewhere that shows what area does what. But I would do both feet and the soles.

Edit to add: yes you can use more the one oil, make sure they work together not against each other.

Most vegetable based carrier oils have a shelf life of 1-2 years. Some less, some more. Jojoba and Fractionated Coconut Oil have the highest at about 2 years. Hemp Seed Oil is about six months. As long as they are in a temperature controlled environment they should be okay. You can also add an antioxidant like Vitamin E Oil to extend the shelf life as well. The worst that would happen is that over time the oil could start to go rancid and it might smell a little bit off. As long as you aren’t ingesting it or using it on your skin like a daily moisturizer it should be fine.

*side note: i am an aromatherapist, herbalist, perfumer, skincare formulator etc.

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I have some self made oils from years ago in my basement, they’re still ok.
Make sure they’re not standing in the sunlight and keep them clean and tightly closed.

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Just keep it away from heat

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A thought: if you are making lots of money oil you are actually saying that you will be needing lots of it. So, you send out the message that you expect to be in need of money oil often.
Maybe my thinking is weird here.

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That makes sense. Some work requires regular attention. If you use a money bow or honey jar, you might want to anoint a candle in the oil once a week/month or so. That tends to be ongoing spellwork so making extra oil makes sense in that context.

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I have heard that sort of thing too. I did not know it at the time when I made this.

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It’s more common in Hoodoo practices and magic. Some spells and rituals are one and down while others especially Love or money magic are ongoing and require regular workings.