Oil of Initiation: An Initiation Rite into Black Magic from Kaltemtal

If you have never had a Initiation into Black Magic and want to self Initiate, here you go. I just came out of a ritual and channeled this rite fresh from Kaltemtal, who is the Demon of Initiation.
He teaches the Secrets of Domintation and Power and the sure knowledge of both.

What you will Need

● India Ink

● Grapeseed Oil or Olive Oil

● Sage

● A bowl

● The Sigil of Kaltemtal

The Rite

Combine the India Ink, Grapeseed Oil, and Sage in a bowl and mix it together with your index and middle fingers combined, going clockwise, 7 times. Keep that number in mind.

Draw Kaltemtals sigil and open it. Place the Bowl on top of the Sigil and Call to Kaltemtal.


Kaltemtal, let this Ink, this oil, this sage combine and house the Secrets of Domination.
Let it house the secrets of Initiation into Black Magic.
Let it house your power, your energy, your Consciousness.

Then place your left hand over the bowl and say,

India Ink, be the vessel of my Initiation.
Oil, be the carrier of the Powers of Black Magic.
Sage, be the grounder, the tool whereby my Initiation is solidified into Black Magic.
May the Powers of Black Magic combine in this Oil of Initiation and give birth to a new spirit of domination and blackest knowledge.
Let the Powers of Black Magic posses this oil, posses this ink, posses this sage and most of all, posses me!

Dip your fingers into the bowl and Anoint your chakras starting from the Ajna by drawing a inverted pentagram on each one.

Feel the energy build up in you, then take a deep breath. On the exhale push the energy to your Crown Chakra…
Then say,
Let the Powers of Initiation enter me fully and posses me. Show me the secrets of Black magic and power. May this Oil bring my enemies under my feet and my allies close by my side. I open my Crown chakra and Am ready to receive.

Go into trance and let the secrets come to you. Those secrets are yours. Never to be revealed until the proper time; Until you come across the proper initiate.


Gnosis I received:
777 is the number of the God within representing the Throne of God and 666 is the Number of the Beast/Devil within representing the Throne of Hell.

The Tetragrammaton is the Blackest Magic and by binding the Name of God in Chains, we bring the Outer God into Subjection to the God within.
We Ascend past The throne of God, not upward, but downward into Hell where we sit on the Throne of the Living Devil within.

The Name of the Devil is…


(Lol like im really about to reveal that secret)


This Oil can Also Be scryed into as Well and you will be shown Visions and Secrets in the same manner.

I want to see vision accuracy concerning people past and present and future. Help me. Give me incantations or oil for initiating. Thanks

I believe I gave the Ingredients in the post man.
You can always make it yourself :expressionless::smiley:

Question, oh Sagacious One. In your post you said to anoint your chakras, starting at the Ajna, so do you then move down to the throat and so on, and ignore the crown? I saw the part about pushing the energy to the crown but nothing about anointing it.

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Exactly right @DarkestKnight
Reason you dont anoint the Crown is because you will push the collected Power and Energy of the Other Chakras to the crown itself. In a way, it Anoints the Crown and starts the Initiation process

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Excellent. Thank ye for the reply, oh Sagacious One :sunglasses:

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How do you anoint it? On you or in the air in front of you? I’m always confused on that

No, you take the oil and draw the pentagram with it upon your skin. It is like the priest during communion, when they make the sign of the cross upon the worshipers forehead.

Okay so being less clothed is the best way to do this. and for the crown charaka would you put it on your head or above it?

Already asked:

And answered:

As for clothing, you can anoint over it if you want to, but what I would do is anoint the skin where it is exposed ( I do most of my rituals bare chested as per EA’s Works of Darkness ) and then trace the pentagram in the air over the two lower chakras covered by my pants.

I hope this makes sense :slight_smile: