Oh, he can't control his heart rate?

So, for reasons I assume are related to my meditation and breathing exercises I can kinda control my heart rate.
Curious if anyone can do this (proof nice but not required.)

Most people can do this via thier breathing. The more you practice the better you get at it.


Well let’s see it.
If everyone can do it that is.

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I’ve learned to do this when I almost got drown when I was around 7-8 y.o. You can do this even if you focus on your heart.

I think you can find out how on youtube. The basic technique is literally to breathe slower or faster. EA talked about it in one of his meditation videos recently.

It’s basic biofeedback practice.


I’m out.

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Well fuck, thought I was on to something cool.
Apparently not. Abandon thread, and I’ll try to remember to say I got the ability from the void next time. That seems to be the key to interesting and engaging topics.


Yeah yesterday my sister wanted me to check her heart (I have a stethoscope because I’m a nerd and want to be a doctor) and her heart beated faster when she was nervous and slowed down when she started breathing slower. so yeah I think that’s normal and meditation helps it return to a normal heart rate

You ARE onto something cool.

It is a very important discovery. You can use your breath to control your most vital functions, and soon enough you’ll be able to control things that most people cannot (like your internal body temperature). You are building up to something incredible! First it is your breath, mastery of it, then the whole universe begins to unfold for you. I am not talking from personal experience, as I have not obtained mastery, but where I am currently, I can tell you, control of your breath is a stepping stone to much greater things.

Keep it up. Do not get discouraged.

Not everything worthwhile comes from something as mystical as ‘the void’. Self-determination, dedication, and perseverance will give you more than some Void experience.

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