Oh hallo all

Hey guys,
Hope you’re all well. I’ve spent a long hiatus from the magical world and I am looking to get back into it and transform myself into something greater than I was before. When I was a kid, was raised christian but never bought into it. Always felt like it was an incomplete and obscured message. Fell into witch craft because of the draw of being able to make and control my own fate. And I have. A few years ago this got knocked out of me and it’s been a hiatus since then. I like to think I’m a pretty chill dude when it comes down to it, but lately I’m absolutely livid (see below.)

I’m looking to instead focus on walking a grey path as opposed to one strictly light or dark. I figured this was a good place to start, recently purchased the book and have been flipping through it on my kindle app, am heavily interested in learning more details.

There are a few topics I wish to discuss with you folks.

1.) I have a hearing coming up with an ex I had to get a restraining order on. He’s nuts and has tried to completely wreak havoc on my life. I was wondering if someone had a solid spell or hex to make sure this [email protected]#$#@ fries.

2.) Because of said @#[email protected]#[email protected]# I may need to get a new job and was wondering if there was a solid ritual that yields high results and fast.

There was more but I can’t remember at the moment. Anyway, thank you all for your input and help.

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Welcome to the forum.

Please avail yourself of the search function on the upper right, and look up Belial. He’s the go to guy for any sort of court case.

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Funny you mention that, I was just reading over a thread from March that said the same thing. I will be investigating further.

And thank you for the welcome.


Yeah i was gonna say Belial for court. I have yet to work with him personally but i hear him calling to me often. After i banish and cleanse im going to work with him too. Welcome to BALG forum.


Evoke King Paimon.

He resolves job changes rather eceptionally good.

You’ll normally earn more,
and work better,
then you did before.

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@Yberion thank you! He and Belial have been all over this forum, I’m learning. What’s with that? Are the two of them up to something? :rofl:

@Oneis3 Well, where I live right now it’s really difficult to get ahold of necessary supplies. I have to order everything from amazon. There’s not really a one-stop new age shop in my town. There’s plenty of crystal shops for sure, but not anywhere I can go pick up a pound of copal resin, or even charcoal. I’m going to try Walmart tomorrow and see if I can find something.

In the meantime, I’ve drawn the sigil for Belial to keep close. Hearing is on Monday, I’m super under the wire. I wish I had discovered this forum sooner. I’ll be getting the King some whiskey. Is there anything else I should offer? I have steaks in the freezer I could offer - he seems to strike me as a red meat kind of guy.

Since drawing that sigil I feel like I’m surrounded by heat, has that been a normal reaction for some?

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you can make your own resin.

Look for bleeding tree’s during spring,
and autm.

Cut away,
where it’s bleeding,
and collect the resin directly from your enviorment.

mix it with ashes and graveyard dirt.

(you propably do have a graveyard you can reach.)

That resin,
will be powerful byitself.

imbue it with “Malzath Hybreath,
bring my voice to all spirits i call.”

And “Sandalphon,
deliverer of messages,
i call you forth,
to bring all my prayors,
into the highest heavens.”

You can now call any infernal, dead,

Simply burn it on coals or wood.

It’s vaporize into a huge smoke cloud,
which you can use to manifest spirits.

Plus, that’s more potent then any regular copal resin,
because you crafted it,
imbued it,
and offer it by burning it.

For extremely heavy magick,
set aside a little bit of the resin,
to rest near your bed,
and have a drop of your own blood on it.

It’s called Sorcerer’s Blood imbuement,
and it is more valuable then any other blood you can use.

So restrict it for importend stuff,
but have it ready for the moment you might need it.




That’s amazing, thank you so much for that advice. I never even remotely thought to make my own resin. Will that same process work for tropical plants? That’s all I have around me. I live on an island.

Sorcerers blood imbuement is not something I’ve heard of before either. Goddamn I wish this forum was around back in my youngin’ days!

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I’ve bought frankensence, myrrh, and dragonsblood for amplification as well as a green candle. I’m struggling to find black candles which seem to be crucial. Could I tie a black ribbon around the green candle and use my white tea lights for the quarters of circle?

I’m doing a massive amazon order after this. Gods.

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i do almost all spells with candle lights.

i almost never use colored candles.
unless it’s explicitly requested by the spirits i work with.

the candle color is for you,
to have easier access,
to triggering specific moods,
emotions, etc.

I regularely use music for that,
as music and films are massively manipulating emotional states anyways.



collect the nastiest stuff you can find around your house,
and put it together with a picture of that guy,
into a bowl.
Fill it up,
with rosted nails,
shit and pee of animals,
(ideally you’d want sulfur instead of vinegar for that one, but i figured you might not have that around)
and a piece of (or a complete), sock or shoe.

Feet stand for domination,
and steping on top of your enemy,
looking down on it.

Charge that Curse Jar for 1-3 weeks.

Loa are ideal for charging it,
and very potent,
but you can also use demons,
or saints / wrathful Angels.
Be careful with the last one,
saints and angels have their own mind when it comes to causing harm.

-they’re the highest ligtly to backfire a harmful spell to the caster.

after charging it for a while with your hatred,
and negative emotions about this guy,

drop it either close to his home,
or into a cementry,
where you could even burry it,
for increased effectiveness.

If you have any clothes from the target,
to add along to the picture,
that’ll also increase the power of the curse.

Most importend,
you have to state towards the jar,
how you want the enemy to be destroyed.

Added note:

While charging the jar,
keep it away from your resting areas.

Store it close to your toilet,
so you can flush it,
in case you don’t need it anymore,
and it also get’s charged there.

close to any vegtables, or food,
it’d make that decay MUCH faster.

So be careful when handling it.

Treat it with the same respect,
you’d respect a physical bomb or poisonus gas.

And do a cleansing bath,
once you’re done and disposed the jar.

Try to let go of any left negative emotions,
both when burrying the jar,
as well as when you take the cleansing bath.

refill positive energy into yourself.

As you’ve just depleted a lot of energy,
refilling would be needed anyways.




This is freaking amazing. You’ve been such a wealth of resources.

As far as Loa and Demons are concerned, are there ones in particular that would stand out? The only Loa I’m familiar with really is Papa Legba, and TRUTHFULLY that is because of AHS Coven. Because of that superficial familiarity, I’d feel hesitant to contact him. I would never ask a saint or angel to carry out a curse. Typically, I ask the Old Gods for help with this stuff.

Aphrodite, as vengeance is her forte.
Nemesis could be beneficial too.
I’m also pretty drawn to the Norse-Gaelic pantheons as well (my ancestry is Irish/Dane/German/French)

I’ll see how tomorrow goes and give it a shot.

Also as an update, I tried contacting King Belial last night but I royally fucked up the ritual to the point where I heard him laughing at me in the distance and calling me an idiot :rofl: I was facing the wrong cardinal direction without realizing it, the West, and didn’t realize until after that the incense smoke was blowing North as a “HEY MORON I’M OVER HERE!” kind of sign. During that time frame I heard a voice resonate through my crown chakra that said “WOULD YOU MIND SPEAKING UP?” as I was chanting. I saw/heard acoustic guitar strumming through out the ritual though and the room filled with an inexplicable heat. I will try again tonight, as I do need his help.

I could tell he was trying to get through, but I opened the wrong doorway, it must have been extremely frustrating for him. He’s getting extra whiskey tonight.

Should I discard the steak I had sliced up for him as an offering? I purchased a new one just for him as an apology.

Thanks for all your help @Yberion


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Apart from that,
i lined out different options,
so you can go,
with what feels most right for you.



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How do you know someone won’t dig the jar up later? I’m always paranoid about someone finding my vinegar jar, and I can’t get it to their house or place of work.

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Then bury it in a remote area on consecrated ground. There’s plenty of cemeteries that you can sneak into at night.

Where I used to live that was a consistent worry for me too (back when I used to have an issue with doing magic in cemeteries) so anything that involved the process of transubstantiation I threw into a harbor instead knowing it would eventually sink into the muck at the bottom anyway. Either way, out of site out of mind.



Like what.

a random jar,
with random junk in it,
being taken to the DNA scanning lab,
plus having your exact profile in display,
to double check and find you,
instead of it just being thrown away,
as junk,
which it obviously is??

was exactly the right word.



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