Ogham Charms

Implementing oghams into magic is not the usual run of the mill and so I give to you a NEW method of using oghams in your everyday magical practice.

Firstly choose your wood. the piece should be carved to around 1 ich or so long and 1 cm metre wide and about half a cm broad - it should take on the shape of a small rectangle. make sure you use a smallish piece of fresh wood or fallen wood, giving thanx to the tree as you do it.

Leave the bark on if possible but if you prefer take off the bark and burn on the ogham rune of the specific tree that the wood represents. Your wood is better off fresh as it really needs the sap in it for better results.

Then drill a hole (see attachment) into the ogham at the bottom.

Get a rizzla paper and mark out your little spell or your chaos magic sigil already charged and consecrated by candle magic ritual. roll it up nice and small and place it IN the drilled hole so it it is inside the ogham. Then seal it with wax or a small piece of matchstick or even a drop of glue.

Bless the item and consecrate it - make a necklace out of it by attaching a small screw hoop (cheap as chips for 100) and put it on a piece of leather or string or even a chain.

The charm should be worn for seven days and then should be discarded into running water. Each morning holding your charm affirm your spell or sigil with positive affirmations.

Hope you enjoy this. These can be used for healing and as gifts. Please do not try to sell this method and make money out of it as this is a ‘self created’ magical method of Ogham magic.


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