OFFICIAL PHOTO: Anthology Of Sorcery: Book 1

OFFICIAL PHOTO: Anthology Of Sorcery: Book 1

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Our devilish Anthology fuses the infernal magick of 17 black magi, and RADIATES a heatwave of dark energy like you’ve never experienced.

The Spirits of the Left Hand Path guided the creation of this masterful tome with an INVISIBLE HAND, and stand behind its manifestation into physical reality.

Be warned… the demonic hypnosis inked on these 353 pages will arouse dormant centers of your mortal brain, excite your energy body into ecstasy, and embolden the Will to Godhood of your soul.

The Anthology of Sorcery is NOT for easily offended pedestrian magicians, or dogmatists of the right hand path. This collaborative grimoire is a SHAMELESS celebration of the human Quest for Unlimited Power, and provides rituals for indulging these irrepressible instincts.

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Very nice artwork Tim!

How… that book looks beatiful…

A question, can a begginer get the book without consequences? And how many do you have on stock?

that’s some badass artwork man!


Powerful name dropping. surely a must have item

this is something I will be picking up. I have every single book that has written. and in my opinion they are all gems. I love his captivating style and the way he gets the truth across without making you fall asleep like some authors. hell I got books that have cigarette burns on them for me falling asleep trying to read them. so determined but impossible when the shit puts you to sleep like a lullaby. every office in this book this is all my favoritesso I would say you don’t have to market this one too hard it should sell itself. now quit teasing that is enough foreplay lol