OFFICIAL PHOTO #2: Anthology Of Sorcery: Book 1

OFFICIAL PHOTO #2: Anthology Of Sorcery: Book 1

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★ How The Secret Pre-Order Works ★

The official release date for Anthology is May 21st. Everyone who signs up for pre-sale is going to receive a secret link by email to pre-order the grimoire 1 full day in advance, at midnight on may 20th.

I’m warning you to TAKE ACTION in this short 24-hour window. Hungry occultists fiercely claimed every single leather edition of our previous physical grimoire, Necromantic Sorcery, in less than 12 hours - possibly a new record. If you do not take advantage of pre-order you’ll most likely miss out on the black pigskin leather edition - which looks creepily sinister.

I’ll post a slideshow presentation soon where you’ll learn about how many talismanic grimoires are available, respective prices of the leather and cloth editions, how to get 15% off, and the full magickal background of each contributing author.

“Anthology of Sorcery: Book 1” is a historic occult creation. It features 17 of the world’s most innovative and ingenious sorcerers - all of whom are my personal favorites. To me, it’s one of a kind because it features the most diverse range of competing ideologies on the most DANGEROUSLY controversial practices of the left hand path: possession, evocation, and pact-making.

:skull_and_crossbones: Priceless Occult Collector’s Piece :skull_and_crossbones:

Remember that Anthology is now an annual / bi-annual tradition, and this tome is Book 1. It’s our inaugural release, which bestows special significance. If you are a dedicated occult collector, this grimoire is a “must have”. It commences the now hallmark institution of Become A Living God.

To recap, if you haven’t already, sign up for pre-order, which starts May 20th, right here:

➔ Pre-Sale:

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I followed the link, and I did what was said but I didn’t get a secret link… Help? Did I do something wrong? I really don’t want to miss the book and i know it is going to sell out. Then it’s going to be on eBay for $2000 bucks which means I’ll never get it. lol Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

You’ll receive the link by email at midnight on May 20th.

3 more days!

ill be at work lets hope I notice the msg.

How much are you charging for the books? Are there limits how many books, I can purchase?

^ also wondering too.

there where only so many made… so I hope they limit to one per household

Ordered. Looks awesome

Ordered mine also :slight_smile: Can’t wait!

I just ordered… :slight_smile:

Anyone else get a thank you for buying Serpent’s Blood that you didn’t order when you bought your copy?

I did, since I also got the confirmation for the anthology I’m not worrying. I doubt we’ll be getting free serpent’s blood though :slight_smile:

I didn’t even get my invite, even though when I went to confirm it already told me I was on the list.

Just ordered my copy and it looks TRULY AMAZING!!! Can’t wait till it arrives!!!

Thankfully I did not miss my opportunity. and soon this great work will be in my possession as well. I have a feeling this was not a mistake, however my wallet disagrees. I guess its time to fix that detail :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance.

Ordered! , probably is the southnern order of the book…

Ordered. Can’t wait!!!