Official Book Study Announcement


Good morning everybody. There have been a few developments that I want to inform you all on.

First, I want to congratulate Japerez543 on officially being the ‘Coordinator’ of this project. He’s going to give the structure and organization that this needs. I’m really happy about this. From what I understand, he’s going to be away for a week or two but that shouldn’t stop you from messaging him if you have any questions as I’m sure he’ll get to you when he can. When he gets back and settled, he’s going to put up the threads and what not.

What’s been decided is that we will officially begin after August 1st. We’re going to go through each chapter and discuss our thoughts with one another as respectfully as possible. We are searching for information, the core of what EA’s saying to us so we can apply it to our lives. We’re to convene on every Sunday afterwards. There are nine chapters, so there’ll be nine Sunday’s we’ll convene on which I think’ll be August 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, September 2th, 9th, 16th, 23th and November 7th - and that’s the book discussion part of it.

If we want to evoke an entity group wise, or want to end it on a different note or end it right there, that needs to be discussed right now.

As for the structure of how this is going to go (don’t quote me on this) I think we’re going to have a specific set of threads showing the chapters and a thread dedicated to each chapter along with their discussions.

The last thing is as I understand it, Japerez is going to officially ask those of you who are still interested to respond, so please wait for him to post that question or however he’s going to do it and don’t post your interest or lack there of here. But since we want those involved to be actual owners of the book, what I am asking you to do is to please include your numbered copy to us next to your name or through pm if you don’t want to openly divulge it. If you don’t want to do that but want to take a picture of you holding your copy, that’s cool too but we have to be sure.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.


I hate doing this because it’s not my usual behaviour, but I don’t agree with Japerez543 being the coördinator of this project.
He’s a fake and he’s also known on this forum as Lexner_32 and I also suspect him to be theenlightenedone as well.

There are many people out there who would be excellent coordinators,… maybe you shoulkd give everybody the chance of volunteering for this?


I’m gonna flatout tell you now, IF this comes to fruition, I’ll be studying BoA solo. I will not answer to this child! ; l Z




I volunteer to lead the group.


With you I could agree :wink:


Wow. Well this isn’t good. Let me put something out here:

I am new to this place and am not aware of any i-net beef or issues with people here nor do I care. It has no place here. I offered him Japerez the position because he stood out to me as the only one to offer constructive suggestions more over the majority (self included) mulling over the project while it was in limbo. There’s something about him that gives me faith in his abilities. And I don’t care what name he goes by as long as he perform to the benefit of the GROUP STUDY.

Japerez should answer to this because people are openly showing their dislike for him but it won’t be done HERE.

This thing for me has been hot and cold and I tire of this. So this is where we are. I can’t try to accommodate everybody and I’m sorry for that. If you don’t want to be apart of the study, that’s alright but I know there are those who do so I ask those who’re still interested to post how they would like to see this project end.

Once again, I’m sorry to those who don’t feel like being apart of this but if you’re out, no need to discuss it, we won’t expect your involvement. So now let’s move on. Thank you.


Very well, I’m out then!


Out of respect for the idea of the study and to keep it positive, I am asking for those who want to be involved to post how they would like to see the project to end rather than anyone else posting their protests.

If you have a real issue with this person pm me.


AZAZYM: You are gracious, as always, and I have genuine respect for you. I’m also aware managing the details of leading this study group has not been easy. You’ll hear no more from me on this topic AND I still think you’re terrif! :wink: Z


I don’t have any issues with you, Azazym. For as far as I can tell you are a cool guy! I admire your drive and all the work you put in it. Just don’t allow somebody to ruin it.

This is the last time I’ve said something about it. I’ll study the BoA1 on my own then. Good luck!


See, (smh) this is what I’m talking about, I just asked for those who don’t want to be apart of it NOT to post here but rather pm about any issues about their distaste for who I chose… Now I’m getting mad because it’s seems to be a pissing contest about who get’s the last word.

My advice is for those who want to walk away, it’d be best to keep going on your own because I hate going in circles. Nothing so far has been produced and that’s a damn shame but that’s not on me.

For my peace of mind and not to turn nasty, I AM OFFICIALLY PUTTING THIS ON ICE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.


Ok, right off, I’m going recommend a titling syntax for these threads. The reason being is that there are, so far, going to be two study groups threading in the “The Book Of Azazel: Grimoire Of The Damned” board. Because there is a high possibility of more groups getting started later on down the road for those who did not have the chance to join one of the current groups or even groups that get started relatively soon by somebody who thinks taking it in a direction not yet considered might be beneficial. Whatever the reason, the fact is, without some type of prefix to designate which group the thread belongs to, it will become extremely confusing. I propose each group coordinate and develop a 3 to 5 letter moniker to signify which group is carrying out the discussion.
Something like:

TTVS - Lake of Fire Theories
KOI - Group Evocation: Dra’talon
DSMRI - Chapter 4 Discussion

I’m going to post this in the other groups main thread as well so there will be no confusion. I think this is not just a good way to keep the threads straight, but will prove necessary as the number of threads grow. I also highly suggest capitalizing the group moniker so as to make a quick eye scan more productive.

Danke :slight_smile:

~ Namaste ~

===== EDIT =====
One last thing, I think people who continue to post solo posts in here should not be held to this. This should make it easy to distinguish things that people just want to share vs a group discussion.
Thanks :slight_smile:
===== /EDIT =====


I needed some time away to think through about what’s to be done. I do not know if I’ll continue on wit this group but if I do, DKM, syntaxing is a good idea. I think I was trying to say something like that yesterday but didn’t have the words for it.

As far as Japerez goes with coordinating. As it stands I have no problem with him doing it despite he may not be the one who ends up doing it. We have to talk him and I hope I can catch him before he’s off.

Whether he’s involved or not, as I understand it, those who are apart of Necrolord’s group are Kintari, Darkness, Maxx, Reaper Defectron, DKM, Bran and Zoe. That’s good because there should be no more problems from here on in.

There may not need to be another group but if there are those of you out there who still might be interested in doing a group study with me, that you have no problems with Japerez, and or like the approach and schedule, just pm me.


Okay so by checking back and seeing no one has pm’d me over interest then I will officially end my version and involvement in the book study/evocation project.

It wasn’t meant to be and I respect that. I hope that everyone who works this book with in and without being here make great discoveries.