Hello friends ,
I just wanted to ask that what would happen if we don’t prepare any offering for an evocation ?
And when we evoke a spirit ,god or…how we should give the offering to them ?

Offerings are not required. It is a gift from you not an exchange of services.

However, if you want to build a long term relationship between you and the entity, then you could give an offering, but it is still not required.

How I should give it ?

There several ways to make an offering;
One reliable way is to offer sensual experience like eating. You feel every bite, every sensation of what you are eating of drinking. Remember to give what you will enjoy not something you disregard. I will ask to stay away from sexual experiences if you are new to offerings.
A wine or exotic fruit you will enjoy is very much a good gift for the demon.

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Such greediness.

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Ooh yea​:smirk::joy:

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Thank you for the responds

im only sharing this because it happen this week

naamah ask me for flowers as part of an ongoing work. now she knows i am not a fan of buying flowers but she did empress it on me and later i see why she did.

however part of the work i had blood on my finger and i placed the blood on just one stem of the flowers many hours later after i slept got up they where all fine went to work all going great then i got a feeling naamah was doing something…

when i got home the only stem i placed my blood on the head was inverted, now they where bought fresh before working like and hour before and the rest are still perfect.

ill meditate tonight to see why just throught that would be of interest to people in relation to offerings


Who is naamah

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she a Goddess and gate keeper of the qliphoth
she one of the 4 angels of prostitution
credit to the temple of ascending flame for this link:
hope it will start you on your own path.

guess which stem i placed my blood on…relating to an earlier post.