Apologies for bombarding you guys with lots of questions but what do we do with the offerings (i.e. food)?

Thank you

@girlfromtheeast with offerings you keep them for anywhere from 24-48 hours, or the longer you can and then you dispose them either by burning them or burrying them or just leave them out in nature if they’re not toxic.

On another topic, I asked you 2 days ago here King Belial to do a proper introduction based on the forum rules which I also linked to you and as I’ve seen you haven’t read. Still I haven’t seen your intro. I’m flagging your post for @Lady_Eva to decide if she will suspend your account until you do your intro or not.

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Sorry that I missed that…will do then. I would not want my account to be suspended since this is a very helpful site…will do it in a jiffy. Thank you @Anassa

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Done, I posted my introduction already.

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@Anassa may I pm you? I wanted to ask something.


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I saw it, thank you.

I will pm you since you can’t start a pm yet as a basic user.