Hi i was wandering what else do the following Gods like as an offering? I am going to offer some of my blood and alchol but I was wandering what else they might like or is it different for each person?
Duke Bathin
President Buer
Duke Bune
Duke Dantalion
Marquis Orias and Prince Seer
Thank you all so much for all of you’re help you guys are amazing.:blush:

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All hail Sir Duke Dantalion!? I find that if you search you can actually find some great answers - With Duke Dantalion I had asked he help me expand my knowledge. I know he is please that i am Searching for answers and when I cant find them I ask. I have read so many posts - Watched alot of BALG videos. I use a Pendulum to ask questions and am working on Meditation and communication with them. Ask them .