Offerings with No Altar

Okay so honestly I was wondering if this was okay to do. So I don’t have enought privacy for an altar, but I have enough time to leave an incense offering. But after the offering is taken, I put everything back the way it was. Is that okay?

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I don’t think I have ever used an alter for offerings it doesn’t seem to me like they mind I think an alter just gives an added boost of energy to what you are giving.

But at the very least try to make sure you have a sigil to the spirit nearby it’s hard for them to get if they don’t have a… doorway so to speak


oh yeah I do that; I forgot to add that in there haha. Like my routine in the morning is that I bring out the sigils of the spirits im giving incense to and than I leave and clean the remains off. Than I clear up the used space

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PS thanks very much

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I have an old biscuit tin lid, I use my ironing board - it does the job. Once I have completed the ritual I put my work on top of a low cupboard. If you have money, time, space to create an altar then great, if not then don’t.

Should work just fine, the recipient of the offering should understand. Another option is to find a crossroad somewhere need you.

Of course. It is the intent and meaning behind the offering. You have little privacy, yet you are still finding a way to make that offering. It is obviously a priority, and that is extremely important; good job!

Something I do from time to time is use simple incense sticks for an offering, burning them outside. I just put the stick into the ground, down to the base, light it,say a few words and leave the offering as it is. It burns down and nobody ever even knows it was done there. I like to do this in parks, cemeteries, and my back yard.


You can also make an offering of your energy. Jason Miller, in his book Sorcerers Secrets, has a simple prayer of offering that requires no altar. You rub your hands together and hold them up, visualizing the energy going to the spirits. Nice and simple.


Ooh, good point, too. Energy is great; also, time.

Chanting is nice, too. It’s a good way to offer physical and spiritual energy. Make a string of beads and chant a verbal offering in whatever way seems appropriate to you for each bead. That way, wherever you happen to be, you can make an offering. I need to type a post on this. It’s actually something I do with King Paimon that I affectionately call 'The 100 Breaths".


Can be small, I made a bowl for incense and other offerings