Offerings to Belial - Opinions welcome

Tonight I will be attempting my first evocation of Belial, to ask for his help with a fairly simple but important court case. My question is - what kinds of offerings should be made?

My understanding is that something of value and importance to me is something he would be interested in. The first thing that springs to mind would be a mind-altering substance which I have stashed away for future use. It took me a while to come by it and it is of enough value to me that I keep it in a locked safe - has anybody had experience with these kinds of offerings?

Are you familiar with using the search options on this forum? :grin:

That sounds exactly like the kind of thing he’d ask of you so it should be enough for him to help you out, If you stick to your guns, Belial sometimes likes to test newbies by demanding not only things of value to you but more then your able to give, that’s him seeing if your going to stand up for yourself. Woe onto the magicians who roll over and show their bellies to him.

Burning any offerings given to him works best, as it makes sure he gets all of it and also it’s a nice middle finger to the desert troll, bonus. :smiling_imp:


Yes I’ve definitely been looking through whats already on this forum. A bit of an update, I just finished the ritual about half an hour ago. Audible communication from his side was very minimal…but it was there. I offered a glass of Vodka at the start with a promise of my locked-in-the-safe item upon the court case turning out how I need it to.

About half way through the ritual I started getting hot flushes and feeling very nauseous and faint…to the point where I had to open the window to let some fresh air in. I felt like that was a bit of a “test” as i’ve read in other posts that he likes to put people to the test as you mentioned. After I regained a bit of composure I felt the need to offer a small amount of blood, so I did. My preferred way of doing it is to make a small incision and smear it over an incense stick, negating the need for a large cut and also allowing the blood to burn.


Another question - I intend to leave the altar/sigil for Belial setup until this court date comes to pass. I note that you say “Woe onto the magicians who roll over and show their bellies to him.”, something which i’ve seen echoed by other Magicians.

My question is would I benefit from further communication/evocation and incense offerings etc between now and the date of the case, or should I literally do nothing and forget about it. My gut feeling is that further evocation/offerings of energy would be something i’d normally do in a situation like this, but I am weary of giving more than I initially said I would when the pact was made, effectively taking on a submissive role in the partnership.


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You can communicate with him as much as you like as long as it has nothing to do with your court case unless Belial speaks of it first, but really it’s better not to as you may become obsessed not only with the outcome of the case, but with Belial himself, i spend a lot of time in that particular king’s court and i like Belial a lot, but let’s face it if there is a devil he’s it, so he might take everything you offer and then burn you to prove a point.

If your offering was accepted and i believe it was by your post and the terms agreed upon then constantly bringing it up will show him you have no trust in him to do the job and no trust in yourself, so it’s all around better to try to forget about it and don’t worry about it, now after he delivers you can give more as a thanks to him and post on here how awesome he is and how cool it is to have him on your side. :smiling_imp:


Very concise and informative answer…thankyou

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i gave him a glass of wine 2 days ago and in the other occasion,sperm,blood…well,the sigil is full of blood and sperm until today and it looks alive as fuck…
i have his sigil on my wall in the room that i sleep and it never changed,the color of the blood even seems vivid,its not dry by some reason…
it seems dense,fresh and thick


Just making sure, offering him a drink would be enough for a small offering? I don’t want to disrespect him. He contacted me in a dream last night, I posted about it. I’m using an evocation, I seen on BWC, and want to be completely correct, so there’s no room for error. I don’t ever want to be disrespectful to a spirit.


him a drink

You mean, alcohol? Yes, it is ok to Him, He likes it.

I can remember the time when I postponed our little “date” because I was unprepared, so I offered alcohol to Him, and He liked it.


You’re good. He wanted a glass of cider from me :slight_smile:

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