Offerings of Honey

I notice that some magicians seem to keep a jar of honey on the altar and simply open it and close it for each ritual, apparently never removing any portion nor disposing of any.

How long does this usually continue?

The entities really like honey, but i usually change my honey offerings after a couple of days

I keep it around my necromantic altar to draw in spirits. Id only change it if it went bad.

Fixed… thank me later.

You can use it to attract and sweeten the relationship between you and the spirits your calling. I’ve always heard of changing out altar offerings at a periodic time. Some do it at the change of every season, or once a week or month depending on the type of offering used.

I use honey to anoint the fresh daily blood red rose offerings that I give to Hecate every morning. As well as a few drops of blood.

Any sugared substance is commonly used to sweeten spirits. When you have some harsh times in your life for instance and want to make spirits be sweet to you and make your life sweeter. Honey is standard, but dark syrup for instance do works very well too.

As when replacing the offering, this is between you and the spirits. There are no rules.

When you say , draw in spirits, does this refer to unknown spirits, or spirits of the land such as Roman Lares, German Wights, or Celtic Sidhe ?