Offerings for Paralda, Nichsa, Djin and Ghob?

A few weeks back I did an attempt at evoking King Paralda.
He showed up with some of his familiars but tried to stay strangely quite.
I heard them whispering and asking how long they had to be there for.


I don’t know, maybe next time I will have to give an offering.
I dunno these are some strange spirits, what sort of offering do you think they would want?
And do you think you could convince them to do baneful magick?

I had a situation earlier

Energy Scan? (Entity Attachment) Trolls, Vampires, Shadow people...Elementals? - #3 by MagickVigilante

Dealing with a parasitic entity, it is still on going but I have conducted a small team of energy working spirits to adjust my energy shield. We can’t keep it from digging it’s hooks into me but we are converting that energy into more energy that I want and feeding it more of my stored up stress and toxins.

Hopefully this situation will be resolved in a few days.

Then I may call on Vine and if it turns out to be some sort of elemental sent by a certain someone-someone, sending elementals I might send some back to force exile mine and to let me sleep again how ever I energetically choose.

I think I am interested in Paralda, Nichsa first and foremost.

Anyways what do you think?

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