Hi everybody,
I was reading about alcohol and tobacco offers to the spirits.
Could you explain, please, the detailed rules how to do that?

Thank you

They’re going to differ by spirit, if you try a search I know for example Euoi has mentioned offering tobacco, and possibly TWF as well, I don’t smoke so not really my thing. Best not to offer big pinches of loose tobacoo outdoors, without burning them, where an animal might eat them or use them for nesting and become sick.

Alcohol, it’s usual to leave it overnight or for 24 hours on the altar for the spirit then dispose of it outdoors, ideally at a crossroads or onto bare soil, if necessary down the sink after saying something like “N., I thank you for accepting this offering and now ask you to remove your energy, so I may dispose of its dregs” - circle your right index finger 3 times counter-clockwise round the container as you do this to “cast out” the energy.

Then run a sink and pour it away, and wash the container carefully.

Don’t drink it unless the spirit explicity agreed beforehand to bless it for you, it’s insulting otherwise and it may have unpleasant energies in it.

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I know this is off topic but I am wanting to make a offering of blueberrys get the essence of the spirit inside the Berry’s and eat them. Making a union with the spirit or maybe a rite of possession.