Offering yourself to Multiple Goetic Spirits (And Others)

Hello E.A.,

I’ve recently watched the video “Live Ritual - INVOCATION of the Gatekeeper Azazel - Orlee Stewart & J.D. Temple”. I noticed that Orlee offered herself up to Azazel as an offering. I remember you telling your story of how you performed the Gatekeeper ritual and your experiences that followed afterwards. It prompted me to think about what if I were offer myself up in a similar manner to any particular spirit. It also made me think of what if I were to offer up myself to multiple spirits, specifically Goetic Spirits, as an offering in either a single ritual or over the span of multiple rituals to multiple spirits.

What could become of this endeavor? Would a similar fate become of myself compared to that of you and your (now ex) wife? What if I were to offer myself as an offering to as many as, say, all 72 Goetic Spirits? And what would happen if you were also do this with multiple spirits that are enemies through seperate rituals to spirits such as Lucifer and Archangel Michael? Or Azazel and Archangel Raphael?

What are your thoughts?

-Jacob Dow