Offering to Marbas - am I doing it right?

Hello, this is my first topic I’ve decided to share. I have been working with demons since my teen years and am just recently now reading books on Demonolatry and trying to gain more knowledge of a workable system.

I drew Marbas’s sigil on some paper as best I could. I recited his enn 3 times after placing his seal next to the offering (it’s a cinnamon roll, I read here that it’s his favorite). I immediately felt a rush of energy come over me and a presence in the room (I’m sensitive to these things). I felt he was pleased with me and the offering, very good vibes. To me the offering was a success but I’d like to know if I missed something or did a step wrong. Was there something I could add or change to improve?

Thanks :blush:


Sounds perfect to me.


Yep…you nailed it. I get a similar response. Sometimes more intense than others.


I think it’s wonderful that you can commune so easily!
If you haven’t practiced this yet, burn incense so Marbas can interact with you even more.
I find he does a lot with flame and smoke.
He likes to engage and interact.
Happy commune!