Offering to Halah’thor

I see Lord Halah’thor comes highly recommended, and I plan to reach out to him. But what can I offer him? (Yes, I tried the search function first.) Whiskey, public praise, donating economics books to the library?

I didn’t offer him anything and he still came through. It didn’t even come up as a question.

His section in the Book of Azazel does not mention offerings, and that’s the original source so don’t worry about it.

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Thank you. I’ll probably still pour him a shot of whiskey to be polite.

praising him publicly, displaying his sigil to as many people as possible, seems to be enough to satisfy most demons. After all, they all want fame, the more people who honor them, the stronger they become. That is the power of intent thought, which governs the universe.

So yes, increasing their fame by praising them publicly, and showing their sigil, is probably the best way.