Offering only by evocation

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I’m practicing invocation with Lucifer and it’s going better every time. I feel more, see communication in my dreams, changes in my life. But if I want to offer something. Do you always offer by physical manifestation (evocation) ? Or can you offer to by invocation to? As a thank you for progress.

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Sometimes I dont even summon them. I just speak to them aloud, saying I give them that as offering.

I’ve also said their name in my head as a chant whilst offering booze by drinking it


@KingOfHearts616 So for example do the invocation (name chanting, or whatever your ritual is) and than drink the booze yourself as an offering?

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I wouldn’t call the chanting a invocation, but yeah thats how I’ve done it. I’ve done the same with food

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Well I made a ritual of guided enn meditation closed eyes, candle, sigil (in my head). And this works great, so I wanted to add an offering. So thanks for the great idea. And yes in an evocation I leave the offering. But I searched for a solution for invocation :slight_smile:

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No problem

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In my experience if they are excited for an offering they won’t let you forget about it, and they will be there. May or may not wait for an actual call. When I make a meal to share as an offering, I will often feel touches and receive communication as I cook.