Offering intuition words, scan, tarot and runes

Sure I’ll take one. Would you like one in return?

I know you’ve got a lot of request but if your still doing readings would love one, I would offer one back but my head’s like a vortex at the moment so much stuff going on, should be good in a few weeks to do a scan although I’m fairly new to scanning so can’t promise much but I’ll give it my best

I Just wanna know If i should made a pact with Astarte, and If the one i have is the right one. I say this because it will direct my path and goals, and it’s my first one that i do, and I don’t know if that’s the way i should go

So I got a strong yes if you should make a pact with him and the pact needs some adjusting, if you’ve never done it invo him then direct him into your heart he will have a greater sense of who you are and how he can help you.