Offering intuition words, scan, tarot and runes

So when I seen you image o the man with the dog I thought what it’s a dog why no a wolf and then the image changed and I stead of a pale image o a dog it was a vivid white wolf.

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Thanks ,so ,it means the dog finally became a wolf :grin::v:t2:

Thank u so much

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Very interesting.

Songbirds remind me of my grandmother. I grew up with her and her birds.

I’m going to feed the birds in the yard, maybe the macaw and the male figure get closer.
I love forests! That you saw must be the paradise for me.
I’m also curious about volcanoes.
The bones thing surprised me the most, I don’t know anything about that and at the moment it doesn’t catch my attention.
Sailfish, I’m going to investigate.

Thank you very much for your reading :slight_smile:

I’m down for one if you’re willing, OP

@Vaynord may I please get a scan to see if any parasites are near/attached to me, thanks