Offering healing and "scanning"


Right knee or under it. Lower abdomen.

Left side of neck for sure



Muscles on the inside of the thiiigh.
The lower muscles around the hips.

And make scles around the shoulder blades and rhomboids


Right side of the chest mostly


Right side of th neck and right along the sides


Can you please scan me @telgega?


Impressive! Diaphragm and knee problem have been diagnosed.
I will get my lower abdomen checked out.
Thank you telgega! Really appreciate the time you took for my reading.

Best regards,


Will get it checked.
Thank you!


Thank you so much!


If the offer is still open, telgega, would you have the time to scan me? It would be most appreciated :heart:


Whenever you have a chance if you could scan me!

Thanks for doing this for people!


Above the right ankle
Th left leg bends in at the knee

A tight muscle in the crease of your left leg

Hang on I’m getting a interrupion


Well… Since you’re offering. I’d be interested to see what you find.


Hey, @telgega can you heal me? That is if you don’t mind. I thought it could help you practice with your abilities!


Thanks telgega :slight_smile:

I do have issues with my ankles and the tight muscle in the crease of my left knee was intriguing. I was getting a strange slightly painful knotting sensation there and was mildly panicking about blood clots, lol! Hope the interruption wasn’t any of my guides interfering with your train of thought preventing me from knowing anything :laughing:


Your next give me a bit


Sure :slight_smile:


Thank you… but ?scles?? and yes, the rhomboid on the left got torn a few months back but is healed now or gives no pain, but pain in hips yes, especially the right side.


Sorry. Spell ch ck


You diaphragm is hard like a rock


You seem fine from what I can tell