Offering healing and "scanning"


Could I bother you with a scan? :thinking: am worried about what Lucifer doing to me. So far I feel something on my head neck and shoulders… like holes… would like a scan since my cat started sleeping on my neck purring all night!


the only thing Is something on your spine, in the lower cortex and around your neck


:no_mouth: any idea what could it be?


not without looking farther into it


Anything you can tell me is appreciated! I am changing just not sure in what direction…


Palm of the hands

I never asked. Any idea what’s wrong with the palm of my hands?


im sorry, are you having any issues with your palms?


None that I’m aware of, but in your reading you told me my issue was in the palm of my hands.


Can u scan me


Can you scan mental stuff? Am i bipolar llol it runs in my family… Scan anything you want on me and tell me if there is anything wrong, thanks <3


I would love for you to do a scanning and healing for me please @telgega. You do so much for others that in return I will do a tarot reading for you.


I would really appreciate it if you could scan me :om:


sure can guys be with you today


Privite or public


Okay your biceps. Right rib or under the ribs and around the forehead.

Also you have something in your thighs and hips I have have to send you a pm


Knees. Collar bones
Sides around the hips. You are female correct?




Haha no I’m a male, that’s me in my profile pic too. What do you feel all that means? I’m not sure how to interpret. Thanks!


Your hav strange issues in the lower regions and th cheat


could i get a scan please?:heart:️ public :pray: