Offering healing and "scanning"


Thank you




So how does this work?


Do you have anyproblems in your left elbow or tail bone?




Oh also heal my brother 2


Hey could you possibly scan me, i felt something kinda go in my chest and now it’s hurting but idk what’s going on? Thanks in advance


I was talking to jilaiya


Hey man can I get a scan? I’d really appreciate it


Oh, how can you heal me. like how does this healing work?


How Can ya heal me. how does this work?


I’m a bit off today it seem let me give it a go.

Right side around the lung. Right hip. Left side. Right side of the neck left knee


Pretty on point, would you like to help heal those and my blockages?


Let me know if ya able to heal my D.N.A. or if i have to heal myself


I will do what I can never made the attempt before


I hope you can heal my condition
Good luck


Found it? where you able to heal me?


My left elbow gets itchy but that’s about it.


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Hey I saw your post, do you still need my help?


Okay Im in a spot where I can donate some time, let give this a go