Offering healing and "scanning"


I want to apologue for what im about to do

Right Ankle/shin
right fingers

Heart area, everything else is fine

Your collar bones to pelvis is difficult to get into. never seen this before

Right thigh
right shoulder
and right side of ribs

sole of the feet other then that you feel fine

I never ask for personal info or pictures.

Right side of jaw
both shoulders and ribs
hips sockets

do you still need one from me?

left elbow
both shoulder, neck, jaw skull
lower stomach
both calf muscles

You feel okay

Left chest
Lower abdominal
base of throat

Left Lung?

Palms of the hands

Under the jaw, behind the ear on right side. Left hand. lower abdomen on the right side


throat and fore head


Yes dear.


Your heart feels bring but your throat feels solid shut


Yeah, throat has been an issue for a long time.


Thank you for scanning. :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


Thank you alot for the scan.

Left chest sounds accurate, have alot of pain there but the others, I’m assuming are spiritually too? I’ve never noticed but if so then I’ll refocus my meditations so I can heal the places most damaged before the others.


Hey! Thank you for the response.How is that possible? You scare me :smiley:


Empathic resonance , if you have two piano’s close and you press down on one key, that same key on the other piano vibrates.


I’d love a scan if possible


Thanks, I just visited your site, it’s wonderful. I ordered a healing and looking very forward to it. Do you need info on condition?. I think where I’m a new member I cannot PM yet, or I’m too dense to figure it out lol.


I’d love a scan too, if possible! I’m curious! :o


you are I see it, are you sure you need a healing, you feel fine to me


Its to do with my mother, mostly.




I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Arthritis in my Spine. I deal with a lot of pain each day plus depression. I’ve always wanted to try alternative healing methods.:blush:


I’m tried to heal a lady with fibromyalgia, I wasn’t successful. although I haven’t given up on trying. it may just be beyond me at this point


That’s cool, I would be happy with an attempt towards arthritis or anything. I wouldn’t think negatively if it didn’t work, I appreciate the effort. Do you work with elderly people’s aches or pains? I can refer a few people to your site.


I work with everyone. I offer free first healing because I want to know it’s possible first


I need a scan. I have ongoing health problems which I thought were getting better, but since posting on this forum, I’ve been super sick and have to do massive daily cleanses. It means I am heaps more attentive to residual stuff i have to do. But i also means I have been in a foul mood and not myself, and struggling to ground and simplify what the problem is what simple things I need to do with quite a lot of brain fog.


Thanks for the scan! You’re right! I’ve been having a headache for the past few weeks /: And had a slight sore throat yesterday.