Offering free oracle card readings


I’ve been learning to read oracle cards for a while now for myself, and I’m getting better at it. Now I’m looking to practice on others.

I’m offering free oracle card readings to the first 3 people who posts a question that they’d like answered.

As this is the first time I’m reading for others, the readings will have 3 cards pulled as well as the underlier card. Can’t promise 100% accuracy, but I’ll do my best.


I’ll take one.

What oracle deck are you using?

A combo of Moonology and Dark Goddess. What’s your question?

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Hmm… :thinking:

How about…what does my soul truly desire from life?

Mmmm okay. I’ll do my best. Back in a bit.

I would like one.

In what direction should I go to start a project with another person?

Whats the current outcome to my contract with another magician going to be? Thank you

Oops… too late :sweat_smile:


Using the Dark Goddess deck.

Underlying energy
Tiamat - Control

Tiamat tells me you desire to be happy in life. You will achieve this by learning how to deliberately and effectively manage your vibration. Learn to master it!

Card #1
Sedna - Abandonment

Sedna tells me you have a big fear that you are not enough. She says this is the craziest fear in the Universe because you are more than enough. She says that acknowledging this fear would help, and that by acknowledging it, you’d start to get the evidence you need. I want to add that the image on this card shows a girl with her back to a mountain with a dark lake in front of it, and it is night time in the image. You need to face your fear. :wink:

Card #2
Oya - Deliverance

Oya tells me the storm is coming to an end and that you’ll have your way. Oya didn’t elaborate any more than that, as communication was a little difficult. Sedna popped in to add that the fear she mentioned is related to this storm Oya spoke of. The image on this card shows Oya holding a hand out, with a raging twister in the background.

Card #3
Sekhmet - Empowerment

Sekhmet said, “Get empowered!” in relation to both the fear and the storm. That was pretty much it.

Using the Moonology deck. A card fell out of the deck as I was shuffling, so I’m counting it as an extra card.

Underlying energy
The energy is gaining momentum
Waxing moon
Okay, I’m not entirely sure if the impression is correct, but the spirits tell me the first impression I got is correct. The situation may get worse before it gets better, and this could mean that it’ll feel more intense as the storm comes to an end, or that events may take a slight turn for the worse right before the improvement and the desired outcome shows up. They say, it’s tied to the extra card I pulled (see below).

Card #1
The answers you need are coming
Full moon in Gemini
I’m being told that this is related to the fear mentioned when I pulled the Abandonment card from the Dark Goddess deck. Once you acknowledge the fear of not being enough, you’ll find the evidence mentioned coming through your social network/circle. The word, “Belittlement” was spoken just now. I’m getting the impression that you’ve been belittled and it triggered the fear of not being enough.

Card #2
Prosperity lies ahead
New moon in Taurus
Okay, so what I’m getting now is that once the storm has blown over, you’ll feel much better and things will start looking up. This is the beginning of a new cycle. You can put the situation behind you, it’s done, it’s finished.

Card #3
A win-win outcome is forecast
Full moon in Libra
So, the impression I’m getting is that you’ll walk away from this situation feeling satisfied, you’ll have gotten your way. So will the other party. I’m being told, “There is a balance in all things.” I think you’ll be pleased with the final outcome.

Extra card
It’s time to release negativity
Full moon in Scorpio
Oh boy, you really need to exhaust the emotions you feel. There is an image of a scorpion (obviously) on this card with its stinger, and the stinger got my attention. :wink: The spirits are telling me that you really do need to express these emotions in their entirety, don’t hold back. Exhaust them, and this will release you and allow things to progress. You won’t be held where you are by doing this. One kinda sighed, but yep, don’t hold back!

I really hope that I at least got some of it correct, and that you find the reading helpful in some way. :slight_smile: I know you asked what your soul desired from life, but this is what the spirits wanted to tell you! lol


Ok, it’s in the middle of the night, I’ve just done one reading, so I will get to yours after I’ve slept. :slight_smile:

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I’ll come to your reading after I’ve had some sleep. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

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It’s okay, I’ll likely do some more readings soon anyway for the practice. I just wanted to keep it to 3 people at a time so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed. I’ll post here when I’m ready to do more, so keep an eye out.

Just wanted to say thanks to you for offering those readings to people.

That is the spirit!

No I do not need one at the moment but I am sure you will have lots of requests.

All the best with your practise, keep it going.


Wow…that…holds a lot of truth. I can feel it.

Thank you so much!

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Thanks, mate! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

Can I take one ?

i will have one :grinning: :grinning:

Are you still offering readings? I have 3 choices for Employment, only one I care to do. But all 3 make roughly the same with potential to make a bit more on the 2 I don’t really want to do. So my question is which will be best suited for me and my path? One is HVAC, the other pest control. The 3rd is computer/desk work. If you’re still offering the reading that is.

Okay guys, I’ll work through the requests in the order they come in. It may take a few days due to time constraints but just subscribe to the thread and keep an eye on your notifications for yours. :blush:

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