Offering for Phoenix

Maybe someone had similar experience and can help.
I made evocation of Marquise Phenex in past, and asked him first what offering he expects for fulfilling my whish if i had one. And he telled he want my hands. On my question what exacly does it mean he remain silent.
Now im confused, if he wanted me to cut my hands of (My first thought, i know- silly), or to use my hand in some way (this makes sense, I’m quite skilled in craft working)
Or now, when i have read some stories about mariage of some members of forums- Does he mean he wanted to marry me? :confused:

What I’m getting is he wants you to make him something create something for him a statue in his imagine or what not.

Spirits like to receive gifts since you said you are good at it, he probably wants you to devote time to him. IMO


I agree with @RiseorDie here, your hands are asked to handle something for him; as your hands without you are nothing; but maybe there was a danger concerning them as I have no idea what was your wish or what the consequence would ever be if your wish is fulfilled.

IMO; better to evoke once again and ask him to be precise.

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Thank you for response. I evoked Phoenex again after that ritual, but he didn’t give specific answer. I’ll evoke him maybe again in future.

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