Offering for Lucifer turn to the South

I’m wondering if I’m making a mistake.Most of the evocations with him I work on my bed facing the east. When I pray and give him an offer I’m facing south, I have a mini altar that I can move as I want but in my room I don’t have a suitable place to stay overnight in the east.On the altar, I have his sigil, a candle with his name, so it was pointed out that for him.Somewhere I read that its directions are east, but also south, do I do wrong?


To me things look right specially if you believe that he’s both Lucifer and Satan.

Lucifer is East while Satan is South.

But I’m equally a newbie to altar rituals so don’t quote me.


That’s my problem. I don’t think that Lucifer and Satan are the same. The dark aspect of Lucifer is Lucifuge. Satan does not have a dark and light aspect; he is both at the same time :wink: so I’m asking if it’s okay for the offer to be turned on the side of Satan,that’s all.

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In my newbie opinion if nothing bad happens as a result then it’s alright. He’s very understanding so he’ll get why it gets moved.


I offer in the north because I face in the North (with my living room). No worries. Old grimoires or Magick systems say it but the spirit decides themselves where to manifest.

Only when you bind the spirit into the triangle you decide the spot.


I face wherever, the Cardinals are a bit “weird” in my place anyway. My Altar face the West but lets not talk about that now :rofl:


Directions don’t matter.

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I feel better now!:laughing:


My altar is for Lucifer and it faces toward south, for celebrate His demonic Mask, whose I feel more connected.

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Mine also stayed on the south side.