Offering For Duchess Bathin

Hi every one.

I am planning on evoking Duchess Bathin.
It will not be the first time, though she and King Bael helped me before and I had no idea of what I was doing. But I feel now that I do know more I have the responsibility to do better rituals.
This brings me to this point, I have been doing research on Duchess Bathin and I cannot find much out there.
Does any one have experience with her and what she likes as offerings?
I cannot get hold of alcohol so plz dont say wine or any other alcohol.
Also what is her direction, the I should face?

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Really in BLAG, no body know anything about her?

Did you try the search button?

Honestly, if you feel you should offer something, then offer it.

Yeah I did there is some info but nothing that I did not know already. :wink:
Thank you for your suggestion. I went with fresh herbs at the end of the day.

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Blood, booze, food, herbs, incense… All make good offerings. But if you every feel inclined to offer something, thats usually what they want

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Thanks allot