Offering for Bune

Hello, Anya again. I want to try and make contact with Bune but am not sure what to place on altar as offering. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated and another advice is welcomed as well. Thank you

i think money works well for a spirit like bune. Anything orange works too, like orange candles, orange fruits, orange candy, etc


Thank you for responding. so i get a table cover it with orange cloth, put orange candle, a bowl with money (coins or paper money?) Do i need to put honey or alcohol and what about inscence or water. Am new to this so please bear with me. also do i need to draw a circle?

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Ahh thanks, Money and a Orange Candle should be ok Thanks.

Chocolate pudding oranges sandle wood dragons blood lemons cakes rum


Rum or Red wine, grapefruit, oranges, sandalwood incense, orange and sandalwood oil, honey, green or orange candles, blood also like flowers. Vk jehannum chant’s works fine also.