Offering for Asmoday

Hi everyone, i’ve been working with Asmoday lately. And Asmoday really help me a lot. In my first “interaction” with Asmoday, i promise to offer a goat (yes, a goat) if he would help me to achieve things seemed impossible to achive at first. But miracle does happen, Asmoday helps me achieve it.

I’m very grateful to Asmoday and i want to offer him what i have promised without offending him. My questions are:

  1. What is the best way to do with the goat offering? Should i have the goat slaughtered in the name of Asmoday?

  2. What is the best way to do after i slaughter the goat, is it ok if i leave it in the wood?

  3. There’s no way i could prepare some altar or offering in my house or near my house. I live in a very busy and crowded neighborhood. And i don’t want to have some questions from my family members.

Please help me on the best way to deliver the offering to Asmoday. Thank you.

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Did you specify that you will slaughter the goat? I mean you could do that, but you could also get a goat and release it to the wild or something :woman_shrugging: draw his sigil on it with a marker and release it?
If you are keen on killing it then can you do it yourself? While invoking him?
Otherwise you might need to touch the goat somehow and declare it’s for Asmoday! The intent is what matters here. You could give the meat to the needy and have some for you to consume while invoking him?
or you could have a feast with your family in his name! If that wouldn’t raise red flags for you!


No, i didn’t specify that i will slaughter the goat. I actually not keen to kill it but i would do it if has to be done.

Is it possible to slaughter it and consume it by myself also by giving it to the needy?

Or should i slaughter it and leave it as an offering in the wood just for Asmoday?

What was your intent when you asked to offer him a goat? You can really just ask Asmodeus what he’d prefer.

When I’m offer him, my intention were to slaughter it. But I’m not sure what to do after i slaughter the goat, should i leave it in the wood, or what else is there i could do after? I really don’t want to offend him.

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I would advise u to ask him yourself. However, if it comes to sacrificing the goat, I’d suggest you do the ritual in the woods and leave the goat there yes. Tbh it really depends on Asmodeus, you really need to ask him what he prefers.


seriously!! a goat? u never said what kind of goat. put a toy goat on his alter. =o) Or a goat meat. U can buy goat meat at the market and make a meal for him. The whole goat would be silly. don’t go around killing goats… =oP


Yes that was my promise to him when i petition for his help. He’s been tremendously helpful and i want to keep my promise. Would you please elaborate why i should not killing / slaughtering the goat? Need your opinion on this, thank you :pray:

u want to kill cute goats with your bare hands? image goat meat at market is just as good an offering. let someone else slaughter it. modern magick don’t require sacrifice of life no more. It’s uncalled for. That’s just for show in the old days.


You could do either! I dont like wasting good meat so I would consume it afterwards! Maybe collect the blood and dump it in the woods or a fire :woman_shrugging:
You should ask how Asmoday likes his offering to be within your capabilities ofcourse!


He already promised that! It’s not good to back away from a promise especially to a spirit! Half assed offering is offensive when the spirit already delivered!

giving goat meat is still an offering of a goat which isn’t half ass offering. still complete offering… they dont’ care how u get the goat. And he say he didn’t mention slaughtering one. It’s up to him. The goat will be mad if u slaughter him. =oP


Thank you MiKu for your suggestion :pray:

wisepup, thank you for your suggestion, if it has to be done, I’d really have no problem slaughtering a goat. I’m sorry if i offended possible vegan or peta member here :blush::pray:.

It’s just that it’s not necessary to sacrifice using killing in modern magick. that was for show and to scare people from doing magick in the past. Even if killing animals is done in your country don’t mean u have to do it. U can still get magick results with other offerings that isnt’ killing. U do you. Your magick.

It’s even said by other advance magicians that blood sacrifice or killing is dislike by demons. I can’t talk to them demons directly so i can verify that claim. however, i know some magicians won’t do such otherwise they will lose the pact they made.

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What would you do with the blood?

I said to dump it in the woods or a fire as an offering!
Don’t consume blood! If that what you are thinking!

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Why do you want to kill so bad??


Just buy goat meat and cook a nice meal.
I had some African goat’s stew last week. It was super tasty. That would be a much nicer offering than just killing the poor animal. He isn’t as blood thirsty as you might think!


He does seem to adore meat dishes full of spices.