Offering as a test or need to give for them to help you

I’ve been layering demon goetia spells for different things. I ask bune to help me with jackpot wins at the casino. Last couple weeks i cut a royal flush on single deck for someone that could of won 190000 dollars. I ask to play two hand so i can play her side bet . If she let m,e i be 190000 bucks richer . too bad she didn’t do me that one favor that i asked. she didn’t bet herself being stubborn cuz latin ladies are like that. They do opposite what you tell them so she lost the jackpot. Her husband tell her to bet. i harass her to bet 3 times and even try to get her to let me play that hand. Dealer ask twice. she say next hand. Too bad her lost. So I think it was tease from bune. I cut the royal and the one that got it didn’t bet. It was a tease.

Then today, i had good day. I hit the straight bonus which net me 1200 bucks. I was one card away from 130000 bucks if the ace was the correct spade suit to get a royal. This is side bet of dealer gettting blackjack and then you play 4 cards as poker hands. $5 side bet. However, before all this, I notice no luck in my gambling hobby for some time,but today I did good at every table and machine. I think it was because I gave my offering that I said i would. I think the offering the first time to the demon is a test. I gave offering after like a month as i don’t know if they did my request or not. I was pretty lucky today not losing and having lots of ups and down. I know it’s luck cuz the slots are tight and today, it was up and down. Lots of mini jackpot to keep me alive. I didn’t have to sweat losing or have a tough ride today.

I’ve been redeeming my offers to other demons too. In hopes that they take my request seriously in the future. I kinda think the first offer reward you give lets them know that you keep your word. It’s like payment or service. You give offering, they help you. If it’s the other way, they help then you give offering, it make them seem inferior. I think it should be equal. You request work, give some time and give offering for their effort even if request isn’t complete.

Maybe each demon is different. Anyways. Thanks bune for the nice 1200 jackpot even if i don’t know for sure it’s bune.

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Offerings are gifts which afford the spirits greater influence on our plane of existence.

Thats’ why i think one have to give the first offering to prove your word. That way the demons can trust you. IF you want them to do your request, you have to give first. You can’t hold the offering like a hostage. It’s to build trust. Let’s continue to see if my theory is correct on future spells. Give offering while they work on your request instead of waiting for request to be fulfilled first.

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