Off topic from the Big Ritual, but a BIG Question on Release!

OK, so what now? I have followed the suggestions for a money spell, abundance, wealth and business building. I followed the steps of Sigil, Sign, Seal, but am having trouble with relaese. I try not to look at or for anything I included, however, as my spell contained business that I am trying to build, I cannot help but find my self thinking about them as I must work on developing a plan for the business, and it is particularly difficult to forget about them as I continue to plan them out for future grown and establishment. How is this possible to do release when the planning is so necessary and needs to be fleshed out? It is difficult to comprehend the release when I feel I must continue the “fleshing out” of the business plans and still release them?

You can still focus on the planning. What you need to release is the desire for the result. Continue doing all the necessary mundane stuff to build your business but forget about the magick. Do the planning and development stuff as if you had never done the ritual.


Thank you sir for the direction. Much appreciated!


releasing doesn’t mean you just ignore it, it means not to worry about when, how and where from it’s coming. I was looking for a job and did many rituals and still got what I wanted when I was still looking and planning and doing a pros and cons for all the choices , but wasn’t getting desperate or sad (atleast not for a long time even if it hit me for a bit)about it

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Many thanks for the encouragement and candid response. Its very comforting and appreciated. You have no idea how much that clears things up! Best to You!!

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