Of Demons, Rank, and Politics

Demons appreciate respect from humans, right?
Do they expect respect from each other in the same way? And how important is rank to these beings? Are there any that actively dislike or disrespect each other?
Are they unified? How are their ranks attained?

Anyone with insight into this, your help is appreciated.


I have heard, when it comes to incubi/succubi, that lower ones will submit to the big entities like Lilith but others won’t. Malignant spirits that are out there randomly doing harm aren’t doing it on behalf of Satan or anyone else, unlike what movies and religion say. A lot are just doing their own thing and can be combated with other entities that are helping you. I have found a wiki set up by someone who has a succubus and he said she told him there are specific ranks of their kind. I’ll look it up… okay I can’t access it on the work server, maybe I can link it.


As for average demons I don’t know. It would be really interesting if a bunch of magicians could intuit or get answers, and if they all match up we can have an agreed upon infernal ranking, which is just interesting for education purposes. I would say that outside of demonic organizations, where they choose to work together, there are just lower ones that will submit and ones that are lone operatives and don’t care.

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Demonic Politics would be a fascinating subject if we had information on it. Though it’s not relevant to ascent at all.


I’m aiming for dark ascent myself. I’m just trying to learn and incorporate demonic energies into my practice. So, maybe relevant but only to a few people. I see your point though.

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So do you want to be a member of the infernal kingdom after you die? Then it would be interesting to talk to Lucifer about what rank you’d be assigned, if that’s how it works.

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Yeah that’s kinda the angle I was coming from. Like how ranks are assigned, or how demons react to each other when they’re not being summoned by petty mortals for petty things.

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Not much is known. I reckon after we die we will be so different. How we think, how we experience and interact with reality. So it might be hard to translate what we will do/how we’ll interact with each other after we die.

Knowledge would be more accessible out there, so maybe Demon Politics isn’t that interesting. Maybe they are all unified, always under the same rulers, and there aren’t conflicting ideologies. It’d be a whole other ball game, is what I’m saying.

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Augh. It’s a whole other ballgame I wish I knew the rules of. Thank you for your help though.

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The more time you spend in the astral, out there away from your body, I think the better you’ll understand.

I’m not even that developed yet. Hence, I ask around here.

Me neither. I am so excited for when I master it. My parents have both done it before, but it in a different route. They were into meditating, collective consciousness, Deepak Chopra, mind power stuff. Left their bodies while driving and even went into a tree. They can’t do it anymore. I want to be able to do that.

Me too. I live with a mage strong enough to do so, but I’m just not there yet. I can’t wait to be able to set out, free from my body. Meet spirits in their homelands.

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It will be amazing.

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