Oet Journal of Progression

In the last few days I have been motivated by this forum to take the next steps in changing my life. This will be for my records, as well as a place I can freely post my work as a portfolio (I hate facebook). My first entry will be short. I hope to eventually see progress of kind in the mundane, so for those of you who think it’s silly for me to mention things like how much money I made or hours I worked. It’s all relating to the goals I have set. For now sleep is the shit


Caffeine addiction sucks, nicotine addiction sucks, marijuana addiction is second. In my lifetime you can assume the number 20*365 is just about how many cups of coffee I have consumed.
A bit of this journal I will have to say is being influenced by a specific entity, though I’d rather not mention the name and have people mock or question the validity of it, Influencing what is sacred to me. A journal of progression, so I am going to reveal myself and my situation, not as something to linger in, but to form a perspective of a starting at point A and ending at point B. I will make this entry short, to sum it up I woke up this morning in sleeping in a public place, I don’t know what is more dangerous to sleep in the shadows or to sleep in well lit areas with video surveillance. The last few years of my life I feel I’m running in a hamster wheel, constantly expending my energy at the mercy of following advice from others including family and close friends which has led me to dead ends. Today I’m sitting in a park working away slowly at the several miles of copper to be woven. My first project was an amulet for whom , as well as the seal for the journal I’ve been keeping with this entity. Oddly his message to me wasn’t what I expected, he is simply a guide, the way he mocks human behavior is something I can relate to. I wake up with urgency, I have become the opposite of what I was, which was lazy, reckless, and careless. With everything, daily life was a complete mess, and it was the result of lack of action!

First on the list of must Do’s: Organization: making things easy to find, reducing stress increasing time for work.
Do not spend time moping and getting fucked up, cut all of the friendships of toxic individuals out. TOXIC CAN INCLUDE MANY THINGS: People who are nice because they intend to manipulate you, people who waste your time, people who tell you that you should take a break from work, people who constantly talk to you about nothing whatsoever. People who constantly complain about very insignificant things. There is no need to keep these people as friends because they do not know how to be a true friend, they aren’t worthy of your time. However if you are in a situation as I am you have to be careful how you request your space. Some may take offense, some are paranoid, some are plain bat shit crazy. Anyway I’m done rambling for now, back to work.


yes I know my geometry is off…

Today I have to work my hardest to bring in customers, I have more merchandise then ever, raising my chances of making a sale. Today I’m motivated to bring abundance to me, starting Sunday I will cut out tobacco and weed. I have already quit caffeine and alcohol. Every bad habit creates a liability, every good habit creates an asset, I am learning that good habits are just as easy to pick up as bad habits.

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Exactly what I’m doing and keep up with the good work.

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A few days ago there was a raffle for a black guitar. Hundreds entered the raffle, I remember thinking “Wow wouldn’t it be nice to have that” and a reply “it’s already yours” came to mind. I did not buy a single raffle ticket, and didn’t even spend much time at the event (I hate being in a crowd). A few days later a friend who I was giving guitar lessons to started telling a story about this guitar, and how he looked at it every day joking with the people selling tickets “so when do I get to pick up MY guitar?”. In short, a woman who didn’t really want it, won it, gave it to him, and he gave it to me. I played it until my fingers said “oh god please no more”.

I am happy to see my perspective shift, yesterday I was booted from a community marketplace. The town I am in claims to be an artist community, it’s definitely an elitist, which I don’t mind, but when you run a multi million dollar business, you really have to kick someone out for trying to make fifty bucks? I guess their karma is Whole Foods existing. In reality I had some right to be a raging asshole and flip some tables, if a rich person does it he gets a refund, if a poor person does it he gets arrested.

My day is going to go well, I got a $20 deposit on a forget how much it was pendant :joy:. Couple hundred I think. So having some dough today AND a new classical guitar AND kicked caffeine. It’s like it’s my birthday or something. . . … … … … … . …

I’m finding myself with zero urge to drink or get fucked up on whacky fungi. On this specific day. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Note to self Bananas are cheap, carrots are cheap. Broccoli is cheap. PH water if you drink tons of water but are still thirsty.

Today was great! Things are falling apart and morphing back together better than they were before. I even gifted a pendant to a random group of routy drunken hitch hikers. I have to remember to save money, which seems to be impossible sometimes. But I realize that by forcing myself away from my destructive habit and turning my new habit into my art I am sort of slowly lifting myself out of a shitty position. I can be poor, I can live with no money, so if I can live with no money I can force myself to SAVE money and reinvest.

I find every god damn thing tempting to buy when I have :moneybag:. Especially food, for being broke most of the time I have eaten like a king. Why is it so difficult to not spend money.

The last few days were hell, and then beautiful. Organization after years of no thought can be terrifying. I managed to put enough money away to buy 8 ounces of silver wire 1.5 ounces of gold filled wire. Costing around $270, the looks that I get at the cash register are filled with disgust and confusion. Like they are thinking “how does this man wearing a giant backpack who sleeps outside and has no job have to 270 dollars to load into PayPal?!”. OK sure I don’t have your definition of a “job” but I do have an occupation and a trade and I provide for myself. Hooray for this next batch of materials! Truly the work of self control, I bought precious metals and not Indian food and booze. The next step is setting up an Etsy, which I have a buyer or two ready to order from Etsy.

Persistent management of time and all money going in and going out has saved me. Mind you, the skills I have learned took time to understand even very simple concepts. Like putting away money, my first though was “pft WTF for, money is for spending!”

Anyway i know this isn’t magic related. But it is related to self preservation and self reliance. So… I claim it is relevant.

When a spirit drives you to complete mundane tasks for yourself it’s best to listen. It took me an entire day to set up book keeping spreadsheets, and I realized I really would never have gotten around to it if it wasn’t for that constant nag for organization.

I’m on my way to, something. I don’t know what, I know that I don’t trust people enough to have room mates. Success by my definition isn’t necessarily having a lot of money, though a place of my own is necessary. I am in the process of finding out if I can actually afford to rent by this time next year. Though I need proof of my income, as well as business permits to even begin to calculate my personal finance.

Goals for September:
Generating $1000 Net to open a business bank account which has a few perks that I need.

Items to obtain:
Business Cards

Really Dope Signage

Folding table and chair

100 Stickers of my personal pendant.

Ring and bracelet mandrels

Nylon Jaw pliers

8 g copper half round wire

Better PHONE so I can use CARD READER

I know this is boring as fuck, sorry everyone. :joy: :joy: :joy: better to put that bit somewhere else.

Message to the outside world, you’ll see my work around the US in the next 5 years. Hopefully global in the next 10. If you see some coiled bracelets that make you think “Tesla coil” For $30 it is probably me. :slight_smile:

Force the ebb if you sell and produce your own work. Bring your sales to a halt in purpose for a month or two months, live very poor, eat free food. EA I noticed used this same tactic selling his books, making them more valuable and sought after.

When I had a few copper pendants maybe 5 I sold maybe 1 a day but I was always broke or about to be, I would constantly squander my own money for food or alcohol every single day and considered it a favor to myself.

I’ve decided to only actively sell my work on the weekends, I work Monday through Friday producing new things and spending less time wandering around looking for customers.

I look like a crazy drugged out homeless person when I’m producing my work, or so I hear. I care much less about what people think when I’m creating, because I’m creating and not trying to sell where I create, I become myself again and can truly focus without having to wear a mask of smiles for potential customers.

This month alone I have produced more and brought in more revenue than any month so far this year. I’m getting ready to spend 240 on silver on top of 217 that I just spent on silver and gold, and 100 on stones. Six months ago I would have not spent my money on that, I would have spent it on cheap hotel room and Chinese food 5 times.

This is the key to pulling oneself out of poverty, stop eating like kings, even the kings didn’t eat like kings before they were kings! Stop spending your money! If you live in the US, food is disgustingly abundant. You could live your entire life on food boxes for free, how much do you spend on your bagel sandwich every morning before work?

Also if you want to pull yourself out of poverty you must be willing to work every single day. You must wake up at 5 am knowing you have something to accomplish today, everyday. Time is limited, imagine how many hours it took out of your life to sleep in till 11am all the times you did. Even if you don’t have to work at a job that day there is still something beneficial you could be doing for yourself or someone else, regardless of how you feel. Oversleeping is a waste of life, and unhealthy, unless you just got finished walking 30 miles…

I have found the beginning of abundance in my life. Nearly forcing it, by forcing the opposite of what opposite of what I’m trying to do.

Everyday I don’t want to eat random/free food, but I should.
Everyday I should focus on selling my work. Wrong six days a week focus on producing what I sell. 1 day a week work like a madman Collecting debts selling jewelry and correspondence. I have less than 100 pieces of jewelry made, which means essentially that I’m still just that one guy on the street creating out of thousands. At the moment.

I have a special specific place in which I an keep automatic writing with some entities that very recently appeared. Oddly, the more and more I work with them and start writing I get distracted.

The distractions are always needed, I feel as these entities are influencing the world around me. Sometimes the distraction is a mishap reminding me of my vices, tobacco and caffeine need out of my life. Accidentally breaking your only cigarette or spilling a cup of coffee could really set a person off if you are highly addicted, if i am in a position where i could kill 2 birds with 1 stone and save all the money spent on making myself feel awful, I could buy something I needed or wanted and feel less like shit, and less like shit about feeding myself shitty addictive habits.

On the other end of the spectrum the distractions have also been very positive in that if I have to get up and leave while I’m writing it’s likely I’m with the wrong people, or the right people sometimes will give me work and commission me to build, or just want something that is already made. Some people have side work, odd jobs. Everyday every single second counts in your actions for the day.

If you are broke and always unhappy you will always be unhappy, even if you get very lucky you may still carry a mentality of poverty. To move forward you MUST take some course of action towards your goals, every single day. I don’t care if you are homeless, an alcoholic, a drug addict, if you have disabilities or diseases that keep your mind and body I’ll and aching. I have seen many types of people succeed and move forward. It is VERY possible, and the choices you make are solely YOUR choices. Move towards your goals, I’m NOT a motivational speaker, I’m homeless, and I’m speaking from experience. Every single day, move towards your goals, eliminate the distractions one by one, your goal is yours, you own it. Don’t hang with other street people, fuck that mentality, don’t let anyone see you with money, open a checking account open a savings account. Help where you can, obviously if you are in the same situation you are going to want to help others, but you cannot truly help, except for socks, bring fucking socks.

Side note if you have EXTRA socks or a great abundance of socks. Literally leave a few pairs in your car to hand out. Not for good karma if you don’t care about that, or empathy, just you know, if you have a NOSE on your face you’d basically be buying the security of knowing that now someone else doesn’t have to deal with his foot stink while he waits in line at a store to buy the beer with the money he just made…

I mean honestly, even if they obviously look crazy and are ranting like psychopaths, hand them socks, because they may try to hug you. Socks are Gold.