Odin Offering

Today I did a meditation/ritual for Odin. I drew the Eye of Odin and gazed into it. I had three candles lit around a glass of mead I made as an offering.

I’ve been having a couple of Odin related things pop up, as to why I did this ritual. I’ve been wanting to evoke a spirit for awhile, but didnt know who to evoke so I put the idea on the back burner. I suddenly started to get followed on a social media app by a company called, something to the effect of, Viking Apparel (workout clothes.) So I looked at their page and found everything literally had Odin written on it.

I didn’t think much of it at the time and went on with my day. Later, as I pulled into my parking spot at my apartments, i decided to pull up BALG and search the forums for the term “evocation.” Lo and behold, the first one that showed up was about Odin. I left at that exact moment to try my hand at finding some mead at my local liquor store.

I arrived and had no idea where to start my search. In some places mead is considered a “dessert wine,” but it’s always in a random location. I said, “Ok, Odin. If I’m going to offer you mead, you’re going to have to help me find it.” Not only did I immediately find it after saying that (which I searched for a good 15 mins before that), but I found already chilled mead. Perfect!

I want really sure what I was going to be doing ritual wise, so I basically just winged it. I felt that I needed to do one immediately, so I did.

Now (roughly 30 to 45 mins ago) I decided to meditate on the Eye of Odin again. I placed the sigil in the middle of the three candles, replacing the glass that was mead, and had a really hard time focusing. I kept getting distracted. I had my headphones on and was listening to Danheim to help with the mental mood, so to speak, but I kept gravitating toward my phone.

Suddenly, my phone screen went black in the middle of a text and the volume of my music got incredibly louder. I tried to turn it down on my headphones but the minus button literally did nothing. So I took the hint and focus.

I felt a really intense surge go through my body once I started to charge the sigil. I moved that up and down my body from head to toe three times. I wasn’t able to hear anything from him, but I thanked him for this feeling and soon after it vanished.

Anyone have any suggestions on rituals to do for him? I promised him that I would do rituals for him every Wednesday. And if anyone has experiences they would like to share, I would love to hear them.


Not familiar but congrats!

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1 of realy simple things I do is whenever there are bones left from food, in a place outside I offer bones to Hugin and Munin 2 ravens of Odin, I also offer bones to Geri and Freki 2 wolves of Odin. Sometimes I draw Runes on objects outside as an offering to Odin, for the Runes to attract specific energies that I want there. Runes can be formed with hands, chanted, sent for destructive or creative purposes. If I find a dead animal sometimes I offer it to Odin at times since he presides over death. Blood is good to offer, but if I find feathers I offer feathers to him as well. There are a lot of field mice where I live out in the country, so if I find a mouce rodent, I will sacrifice it to Odin. I always pay attention to the animals around me, like when Ravens come flying around, messengers of Odin. Just leaving left over food if there is any out for the Ravens to eat, indirectly helps Odin as well.

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He also love goat cheese, at least from my experience.

When I actively engaged with Odin in the past, I would offer cider, vodka or whatever. Also, he liked frankincense incense :slight_smile:

I’ve found that he likes to talk. Just converse, like you do with friends.

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I haven’t touched down on ritual work for Odin yet, he has reached out to me himself quite a few times in dreams, and weird physical phenomenon where I had been followed by two ravens and I also met a guy who on my handheld at work his name showed as Odin but on his ID it wasn’t his actual name and the guy was blind in one eye. It was kind of trippy.