Odin Lives

Odin lives, but you don’t know it.

The god of heathens strides unseen.

In grey cloak and wide brimmed hat

He travels around, bearded wizard.

Wayward wanderer, old raven god,

Spear in hand, explorer of Yggdrasil.

He can’t abide sitting upon his throne.

For he is one of unending thought.

One eyed magician, god of wisdom,

He tricks the giants and fosters heroes.

He tells of legends to inspires us all.

He walks paths known and unknown.

He seeks new knowledge where it is.

He teaches ancient secrets of the runes.

God of magick, poetry, and knowledge,

He walks in darkness and in light.

God of gods, alfather of all, and third.

You’ll meet him one day and never know.

He’ll laugh and tell of long lived tales.

Then next morning, you’ll find him gone.

Be as Odin, and you’ll lust for knowledge.

Seek the paths unwalked by your friends.

Magick and mystery await your finding.

And then you will realize, Odin lives