Odin evocation



What are the main tips to evocation for Odin? I feel a deep connection with him plus many signs, this is why I decided to evoke him. I heard you can get into Valhalla. But I haven’t done soul travel yet. So what are the main tips to meet Father Odin?


Think of Odin like a trickster mercury condensed.

I’ve evoked him at a crossroads before, he’s a man that prizes knowledge and cunning over pure strength, he’s the thing that gets one over on anyone who comes about regardless of how much stronger they may be, and he respects these traits in others.

Don’t disrespect him or he’ll screw you about just to see what happens.

Do it in the hour of mercury preferably at night.


Offer him mead (doesn’t matter what flavor) and he’ll be a happy god.


God is fallen, so it is Odin.
God became human afaik.
This is what I explored.


I did eye of odin ritual then started from there and use that sigil. Did it in hour of Jupiter


So eye of odin will be best for start before evocation ?


Thats what I did


And, how was it, went good?


Went very well


Fun fact: the word Wednesday is based on Odin’s other name: Woden.