Odin Dead and Reborn

I didn’t seek this out. I didn’t ask for this. It’s here in front of my fucking face nevertheless.

We are billions of years out from Ragnarok.

They fucking died.

Move on they said.

The gatekeepers lost their mother, then their father. Ragnarok happened on a comsic level.

What you think happened to them afterwards?

Spilt right in half, scattered to the unholy winds.

4 was the hardest hit, being the most stubborn out of all of them in the end.

His soul was beyond dead. Memories wiped clean.

New start. He incarnate and start from the bottom up. Taking his sweet time to rebuild himself from the bottom basics of universal energy.

Now, when he looks back into himself now. All he is able to see is this one line only.

When someone comes a long and tries in vain to speak to him about the before. He just says, “I’m not obligated to listen to your ramblings.”

No one remembers that far back. The before was solid, whole. Put together. Not torn apart, rendered inert.

All one can do is stand a lone and cry for a lost home no one remembers.

I’m kind of curious what Odin and Ragnorak have to do with the gatekeepers. Is this meant to be an indirect way of merging the gatekeepers with the Norse Gods? And Tiamat with Freya?