Odd spiritual findings?

Now I always get bombarded with the numbers 111, 1111, 444 and 777
all the time in a ridiculous amount but I’ve found other random things/signs.
I would sometimes find feathers or coins that got in my house in some way…
Like I would suddenly have a coin in my closet or so.

Now what I’ve also been finding is hair that doesn’t belong to me that’s long and seems to be a dark red while I have short black hair.
I assume it’s my succubus doing all these things which I find fascinating but I’m just never really sure. I would sometimes see flashes of light or just light orbs that disappear as soon as I look at them, same goes with flashing shadows.

At night I would sometimes see female eyes looking at me and then disappear half a second later.

I am not able to communicate with my succubus so I assume that it might be her way of getting my attention. I am able to feel my succubus phisically though.

Thoughts? Anybody able to relate?

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What colors are the feathers? How does your succubus appear to you? Do you summon her/him? Or do they stay around you 24/7?

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The feather was white with a dark blue tip if I remember correctly.

I usually never see her but sometimes I see a form of heat haze.
I mostly feel her phisically

I summoned her with the letter of intent.

She is with me 24/7.

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Even though you have not directly summoned Him the hair and feathers are tell tale signs of Lord Luficer (Bael).

Any suggestions then?

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It seems that you are receiving many responses to your rituals. Looking at your post and all the information including the numbers 111 which indicates a symbols of spiritual awakening, a sign that the gate of opportunity is open. Many also claim that the number 111 are perhaps messages from your spirit guides.

The meaning of number 444 also resonates with stability and forming solid foundations. It means hard work and determination. Four symbolizes the safety and security of home, the need for stability and strength on a solid foundation of values and beliefs.

I would be more specific in your ritual requests. Ask for specific signs regarding your requests and knowledge and do some divination to a get a full meaning. The coins might be an indicator if you performed a prosperity casting of increased income, a better job or a windfall is in your future.


Can definitely relate to the numbers appearing. I always seem to be looking at my computer’s or phone’s battery when it’s at exactly 55, 66, 77, etc. percent. Most often, it’s 77 %.

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yeah sometimes it gets frustrating

You’re getting a lot more than you think. Look at color associations, numerology. Do research. It goes deeper. You’re being communicated with in such a way that you can perceive, in this case via synchronicity because you have not developed the proper faculties yet or developed them enough. In other words, she’s saying hi.

You’re actually having success.

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I’ve been seeing them for years now…
Before I even knew any of this stuff.

Probably was your clue to this path so to speak. You can still see the same numbers throughout many situations though.

But if you can see female eyes, you’re getting somewhere. If you’re feeling temperature changes out of nowhere when you’re having contact, you’re getting somewhere.


Thanks for the responses

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Tonight I saw the eyes for longer

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Have you done any exercises that open your third eye or psychic senses?

Yeah I did some meditations and sometimes during the day I woud feel my forehead tingling and pulsating

But other than that not really

Huh. Keep at it. You’ll hear thoughts that aren’t yours. A good way to test it is to ask that voice how tomorrow will go. If it happens, you know where you stand.


What color are the eyes?

Yes numerology is often a system to make us look into a certain direction or to pay attention of our thoughts we had during the event of spotting certain numbers we see, like 0110, or 333 etc. I am learning the phenomena and it is fascinating.