Odd/Small Inconvenience Spells

Hey guys
Most people want spells to achieve big goals, or strong powerful curses, protection, etc.
So I’d like to read some odd ones, or some small inconvenience spells (good or bad)
Things most people wouldn’t really think of unless there was a situation that came about!

& if you know of any… right now I’m curious for a “Soundproofing Spell” , or perhaps a spell to keep nosy neighbors out of my business.
I just moved into a new apartment & the neighbor below (after 10 mins of being there) was already knocking on my door saying she could hear us & we were just walking around & moving stuff in … Haha … sooooo …

However I’m also really interested in other small inconvenience spells ! Post them if you have any! And if you know how to help my new apartment situation then awesome , hit me up !